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What Feeds The Fire Guilty Lyrics

Last updated: 03/13/2006 12:00:00 PM

Open your eyes and look around you. There is an abundance of greed. How many will be tossed aside while others succeed? We're living without values. No confidence in our dreams. It's about time we realise, and get ourselves out of this freeze. We've taken things for granted, acting blindly every day. I look around, I can't fucking stand it. No one is willing to change. We sit around and dwell upon all the things we could take part in. Yes, we've paved many roads, but there are still paths left unchartered. Imagining what would be possible, if we could all be good hearted. We shouldn't smother these flames once the fire's been started. No one is willing to change, afraid of letting go of convenience. We hold too tight; a material existence, with no end in