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Guillemots (sometimes written gUiLLeMoTs) is a London-based
avant-garde pop and indie rock band, formed in November
2004. They consist of: Fyfe Dangerfield from Birmingham in
England (a.k.a. Fyfe Hutchins and formerly a member of
Senseless Prayer) on vocals, keyboards and guitar; lead
guitarist mC LOrd MagRãO (formerly of Prendedor) from
Brazil, who also plays bass guitar, accordion, mandolin
theremin and keyboards occasionally; Canadian Aristazabal
Hawkes on double bass, electric bass, keyboards and
occasionally tambourine; and More...

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Review about Guillemots songs
outside review | Reviewer: babazoola
    ------ About the song Outside performed by Guillemots

This song has a certain depth to it and it means alot of things and I beloeve that one of the main things that it signifies is loneliness and how theres noyhing left inside so u venture outside to try to find an answer or something like that anyways. Also its got a nice almost haunting tune to it and the words fit the music.

great song | Reviewer: Grace
    ------ About the song I Must Be A Lover performed by Guillemots

I think the song is sympathising "Hold up your hands and let me know that you're okay" with all those people who are heartbroken and telling them to "let it go" because it's not worth it. And also that he's gone through the same thing "Sometimes I feel like dying" etc, that's just what I got from it anyway, lovely song

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