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Guilt and Regret, they are my two inbred brothers
Guilt and Regret
O god how I hate them both from the bottom of my heart

Guilt and Regret and me wake up into a brand new day
Guilt and Regret lively
I am still dead tired - the night has been long and hard

My brothers they ask me:
"Do you recall anything from yester-night, no?"
They laughed at me and go:
"Nothing at all? Well, it must been an evening of joy"

Guilt and Regret
O god how I hate them both from the bottom of my heart

Each morning like this they come, uninvited
Pale as ghosts, reeking of compost
Yet most I abhor their bloodshot eyes

My brothers they ask me:
"Do you recall anything from yester-night, no?"
They laught at me and go:
"Nothing at all? Well, it must been an evening of joy"
My brothers they tease me:
"Do you remember anything from yester-night, no?"
They laught at me and go:
"O sure you do, we buried our little sister Hope"

Guilt and Regret and me - what a twisted family we are
Guilt and Regret
O god how I hate you both from the bottom of my heart

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... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/5/11

Sorry to read that man, just remember to talk about that with other people, not just writing it on the internet. I don't blame you to "depend" on alcohol to make you feel better, but try to depend more on others and damn, on this fucking amazing song, to try to feel better. You're not alone with that feeling, just keep speaking your mind and never stay too long with those thoughts, they drive people mad.

same kind | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/7/10

Fantastic, i suffer from severe depresion, sometimes i drink because that is the only way i can actually feel good, i am always scared of something, hard to describe, like something wrong is in the air always, and there si anxiousness in me, always struggling, alcohol helps with those symptoms making me feel a little less of a coward, but i always feel like shit next day even if there is no hangover, so when i listen to this song it just feels spot on, it is almost like if i had wrote it down or whoever wrote it knew me and was inspired by my situation.
sadness is my home as another song from sentenced says, I know this guy has died now, i feel sorry for him cuz i know how he felt when he wrote this songs, it is well known he was an alcoholic, many times people wonders why a succesful person becomes one, i can tell for my experience, sadness can drive you to it, when you live and despair and something makes you feel good even for a little bit you cling to it, many say is weak to do that, but they don't understand how it is to be sad all the time for no reason, and if nothing but this makes you feel good, well then you will do this the more you can at least to numb yourself and stay away from sadness, i know i am a sad person, i didn't choose to be this way, i have tried to be happy i want to be optimistic, but there is something in the air that keeps my head down in the hole, the sun shines but it is dark in my heart, i wish i had met this guy so i could tell him how i feel and that i understand him, maybe his pain was bigger than mine or maybe mine was bigger than mine but it is good to know that there are other feeling this way, he is dead now, and i listen to their music to remind myself that i am not the only one living a shitty life, and don't get me wrong, i have a good job, good wife, good life by the american standard, go to church every sunday, am nice to people, do everything i must do to function normally in this fucked up society but is never enough, there is a cloud alway raining over my head, at least i am good at acting, maybe i should have been an actor cuz if you know me you would never guess how fucking sad i am, you would prolly envy me, my money, my cars, my house, wife and kids, so i have done everything i was supposed to do, believe in god, pray, succesful, winner i am a winner, so my program is running good, i watch tv after work, and try to buy stuff they advertise, my wife is as thin as the supermodels on tv, i go to the gym and got good abs, women usually give me good looks, don't think i am a bad person, but still sadness is always around, oh well. Just wanted to say awesome song, it hits my heart everytime i hear it, if your an alcoholic, there might be a good reason for you to be, some people were born to be happy i guess some other were born to be sad and if only alcohol can make them feel good then i don't blame them, cuz when you always feeling like this and no matter what you do it doesn't change, it won't change, antidepressants are a ball and chain you could use, but they are not for me,

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