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Guided By Voices Under The Bushes Under The Star Album

Last updated: 05/16/2000 03:22:38 AM

Release Date: 03/26/1996
Tracks in Under The Bushes Under The Star: Man Called Aerodynamics, Rhine Jive Click, Cut-Out Witch, Burning Flag Birthday Suit, The Official Ironmen Rally Song, To Remake the Young Flyer, No Sky, Bright Paper Werewolves, Lord of Overstock, Your Name Is Wild, Ghosts of a Different Dream, Acorns & Orioles, Look at Them, The Perfect Life, Underwater Explosions, Atom Eyes, Office of Hearts, Big Boring Wedding, It's Like Soul Man, Drag Days, Sheetkickers, Redmen and Their Wives, Take to the Sky

Under The Bushes Under The Star Album Tracklist