Gudda Gudda Albums

  • Redrum Album (3/11/2013)
    Walk With Me
    Hold it Down
    Grave Digga
    Good Morning
    What You Talkin Bout
    Money Talkin
    Can't Stop
    Bob Marley
    Shoe Box
    New Born
    Hammer Time
    All I Need
    I'm Leaving
    Big Dawg
    Red Rum Outro

  • Guddaville 3 Album (11/7/2012)
    Guddaville 3( Intro)
    New Orleans
    As Da World Turns
    Bang Bang
    I'm Gudda
    Drank N Smoke
    Money Keep Calling
    Red Rum
    Right Here
    Ride 4 Me
    Everyday I Do It
    Hustle All Day
    100 On It
    I Know
    The Vent Part 2
    Whatever You Do
    Picture Me Rolling
    Guddaville ( Freestyle)

  • Back 2 Guddaville Album (7/27/2010)
    Break Em' Off
    Willy Wonka
    Small Thing To A Giant
    Get It

  • Guddaville Album (11/17/2009)
    Every Sound
    Always Love You
    No One Else Matters
    Demolition Freestyle Pt 1
    The Dungeon
    Demolition Freestyle Pt 2
    Young Money Hospital

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