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The Damned Grimly Fiendish Lyrics

Last updated: 07/22/2008 11:00:00 AM

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Grimly fiendish plays the game that never pays

Sing out loud but never prayed

Grimly fiendish wears a coat thats black and long

He doesn't know that it's all wrong

Simply fiendish, a child caught in a grown up world

No lies convince the court

Once a week I could be found on the faces all the frowns

Hide and seek, tried so hard to find that crime could pay

Just for today


Bad lad bad boy (x8)

Let me put the story straight

You never gave me a break

It's a case of give and take

You didn't make me good you just painted me green

You made me part of your forgotten dream

Grimly fiendish, we'll send you just where you belong

Where the children can't be found

(chorus) (x2)

Hide and seek, tried so hard and just to find that crime could pay

Just for today

(chorus) (x16)

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