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To all appearances, Gretchen Wilson went overnight from
talented obscurity to phenomenon. Her meteoric rise, the
kind experienced by only a handful of artists in the past
few decades, was that rare instance where talent and moment
meet to form a cultural tidal wave. Still, she knows better
than anyone the simple force that fueled it.

"The reason I've been successful is that I've been genuine
from the get-go," she says, "and I continue to try to do
that. I'm an open book." It helps that the identity she
wears so guilelessly is one More...

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Review about Gretchen Wilson songs
A Comfort to Know | Reviewer: Larry
    ------ About the song When I Think About Cheatin' performed by Gretchen Wilson

I submitted my demo tape, along w/ lyric sheet to several publishers, many in Music City in 1996, & it is gratifying to know that my song "I Never Crossed That Line" was put to some good use by someone.

Love this song | Reviewer: Mary Jane Hudson
    ------ About the song I'd Love To Be Your Last performed by Gretchen Wilson

I want to know why this song is not being played on country music or other stations. It is a unique song and Gretchen does such a great job. I liked "I need you now" by Lady Antibullum, but this song is just as good if not better.

Homewrecked | Reviewer: Reviewer
    ------ About the song Homewrecker performed by Gretchen Wilson

As a once married woman I have seen tons of those type of women out there! Apparently the guys that have already been tested for committment, children, home, etc are better options for some women to go off after. It has more reward if they win out or even place close to the "wife"- its their low self confidence in choosing a completly single man. Glad to finally see a song that calls them out! Even Amy Winehouse made fun of those types of girls in F Pumps song. PS to imnotahomewrecker- If he were married still then yes you were/are- wait until the divorce is at least done. Maybe the next song should be about being the rebound...

She wrecked it long before I ever came along | Reviewer: Imnotahomewrecker
    ------ About the song Homewrecker performed by Gretchen Wilson

Ok so I love this song along with every other Gretchen Wilson song out there. But I would like topping out that it is possible that the wife ruins the home in the first place. In my case she cheated on him. He stayed faithful until they decided to end their marriage. Then and only then did we become more than just friends. It was all her who wrecked her happy little home. And personally I cannot figure out why she would need to go outside the marriage in the first place....

Feminist Consciousness 101 | Reviewer: ladyvanessa14
    ------ About the song Homewrecker performed by Gretchen Wilson

yes...always blame the man. because nine times out of ten it is his damned fault anyway. men need to be taught many lessons in Feminist Consciousness and this is one of them. No more double standards. No more expecting "your woman" to be faithful and never even think of cheating, while you the dumb ass sexist man stick your ugly weenie wherever you feel like. And no more women blaming "the other woman" when more than likely it is the man's fault.

:) | Reviewer: Nicole
    ------ About the song Homewrecker performed by Gretchen Wilson

This song is great. Here's why: no matter how honest and innocent and straightforward a man can be, you see some immature girls that like to call themselves women don't give up and get the picture. Too bad for her she'll be continuing to deal with the crisis over and over, it's pathetic, rather sad actually. Get well soon!

Always blame the man? | Reviewer: Dave Martin
    ------ About the song Homewrecker performed by Gretchen Wilson

So we should always blame the guy for cheating and not the little scuzz-bucket who is knowingly sleeping with a marrier man. That's the absolute stupidest statment I have even seen. Well outside of the political arena at least.

What a ditz.

The REAL homewrecker is the man | Reviewer: Feminista
    ------ About the song Homewrecker performed by Gretchen Wilson

Great message??? I don't think so. This song reinforces patriarchal, anti-womyn false consciousness and it is very disappointing that a younger woman like Gretchen Wilson has still not freed herself from this type of thinking. The "other woman" should not be blamed. Rather the blame should be heaped upon the dumb ass, sexist pig man who could not keep his ugly little weenie in his pants. The singer of this song would be much better off dumping the man and hooking up with the "other woman" in a lesbian relationship.

spelling error | Reviewer: Catherine
    ------ About the song Full Time Job performed by Gretchen Wilson

in the song, full time job by gretchen wilson, there is a spelling error in the second to last line on the last verse. (by then youll be rady to drop) the third to the last word, is spelled 'rady' and it should be 'ready'.

this is the only thing that i have found wrong with your lyrics, and i read them all the time.

Catherine A.

.. | Reviewer: A. Nony Mouse
    ------ About the song Redneck Woman performed by Gretchen Wilson

I love this song and im a big fan but i love just coming here and looking at all the reviews it gets because som are hilarious because first of all, learn how to spell, and sencondly im pretty sure that this song isnt the first song that, that girl tanya has ever heard.

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