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The Mountain Goats Grendel's Mother Lyrics

Last updated: 12/28/2012 07:34:58 AM

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The cave mouth shines.
By pure force of will
I look down on the world
From the top of this lonesome hill.
And you can run, and run some more
From here all the way to singapore,
But I will carry you home in my teeth,

In the great hall you drink red wine.
You chew meat off the bone.
I beat down the new path to the castle.
I come naked and alone.
I laid my son on the bier; I burned the wreath.
Fire overhead, water underneath.
You can stand up, or you can run.
You and I both know what you've done,
And I will carry you home.
I will carry you home.
I will carry you home in my teeth.

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