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Green Jelly formed back in 1981 in New York. The band took
on various cartoonish costumes in order to keep their
identities unknown and anointing themselves as the world’s
worst band. Originally known as Green Jello, the band was
able to establish a core following and then signed on to
ZOO Records as a “video only” band around 1988. They went
on to release the video album Cereal Killer. The video
album created quite a stir when MTV began spinning the
video for “Three Little Pigs.” With a popular video hitting
the mainstream, Green More...

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I wanna my cow burger, no beans! | Reviewer: Saint Columbus Xavier
    ------ About the song Obey The Cowgod performed by Green Jelly

Duh, animal killer! You are a much spoiled overgrown kid, and whining for cow burger. It would be fun watching you, if you were to be kept captive on shitty retarded western vegetarian bland food for life. Anyway, it's funny enough to see you cussing like a bully kid and raging desperately in this song. Just do not deny your rage, boy. Yours, Matador

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