Green Day Albums

  • ¡Uno! Album
    Nuclear Family
    Stay the Night
    Carpe Diem
    Let Yourself Go
    Kill the DJ
    Fell for You
    Loss of Control
    Angel Blue
    Sweet 16
    Rusty James
    Oh Love

  • ¡Tré! Album (1/15/2013)
    Brutal Love
    Missing You
    8th Avenue Serenade
    Drama Queen
    Sex, Drugs & Violence
    Little Boy Named Train
    Walk Away
    Dirty Rotten Bastards
    99 Revolutions
    The Forgotten

  • ¡Dos! Album (11/9/2012)
    Lazy Bones
    Stray Heart
    Fuck Time
    Stop When the Red Lights Flash
    Wild One
    Makeout Party
    Lady Cobra

  • 21st Century Breakdown Album (5/15/2009)
    Song Of The Century
    21st Century Breakdown
    Know Your Enemy
    ¡Viva La Gloria!
    Before The Lobotomy
    Christian's Inferno
    Last Night On Earth
    East Jesus Nowhere
    Last Of The American Girls
    Murder City
    ¿Viva La Gloria? (Little Girl)
    Restless Heart Syndrome
    Horseshoes And Handgrenades
    The Static Age
    21 Guns
    American Eulogy
    See The Light
    Bonus tracks
    A Quick One While He's Away
    Another State Of Mind
    That's All Right
    Like A Rolling Stone
    Lights Out

  • Bullet In A Bible Album (11/15/2005)
  • American Idiot Album (9/21/2004)
  • Shenanigans Album (7/2/2002)
  • International Superhits Album (10/1/2001)
  • Warning Album (3/1/2000)
  • Nimrod Album (10/14/1997)
  • Insomniac Album (10/10/1995)
  • Dookie Album (2/1/1994)
  • Kerplunk Album (1/17/1992)
  • 1039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hour Album (5/1/1991)

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    Reviews about Green Day albums
    A change in Genre | Reviewer: Grumpy Opella
        ------ About the album Bullet In A Bible performed by Green Day

    I am 66 and a devout country fan. One of my son's friends asked me to burn a copy of this for him and I caught myself listening to the lyrics. Well! I'm hooked. I intend to acquire more of their cd's. I think their music is refreshing and alive. Keep up the splended work guys.

    WOW. | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album 21st Century Breakdown performed by Green Day

    And Mayrlin Manson isn't white? The last time I checked he was. So why is it okay for Marylin Manson to say the "n" word but not Green Day? How is that justifiable? Because you just said "I don't like when a white person uses this word, whether or not he/she is just trying to make a point". You better throw your Marylin Manson CDs away, too while you're at it.

    Amazing | Reviewer: Joliee
        ------ About the album 21st Century Breakdown performed by Green Day

    The songs on this CD are truly amazing. I have many favorites, Green Day has never failed to impress me with their talent. And for that one comment on the bottom complaining about someone using the 'n word', seriously, grow up. If you listen to Marilyn Manson you sure as hell can handle Billie saying 'the n word'. Green Day is a group whose music can connect to so many people's lifestyles. It's as if they reach out to everyone with an open hand, to lift them from their sorrows. This album is one of their best.

    30/5/2013 | Reviewer: FELIX GREENDAY
        ------ About the album Dookie performed by Green Day

    dookie is one of the best album the best in this album is when i come around and longview.I think people should know green day most fucking popular band punk in this world.GREEN DAY VERY FUCKING BEST

    Awesome! second is the best! | Reviewer: Lauren Armstrong
        ------ About the album ¡Dos! performed by Green Day

    This album is a sensation, I never knew Green Day would be able to sustain that unique individuality and authority they hypnotised the world with in the 90's. I absolutely adore the songs like Nightlife, and Lady Cobra, which sound a little like the Foxboro Hot Tubs songs, reminiscent of the 60's. There is no doubt that Green Day have done it once again, shrouded our minds with the wrath of their lyrics, drumbeats, and those sexy basslines. And of course, the pureness, and the beautiful tone of Billie Joe Armstrong's sexy voice. I do not know what else to say about this band, and their spectacular music. But what I will say, is that this album deserves as much praise as all of Green Day's other work.

    best music to sleep a baby | Reviewer: al john gonzaga
        ------ About the album ¡Uno! performed by Green Day

    since my son was born i play green music to him everytime when he was going to sleep and he was comfortble when he hear the music. after a few minutes he aslpeep.ohh and also me when sometimes i was im only one in my room and i cannot sleep faster i play your musics then a few moment i was asleep and when i was feeling lonely i play your music and yeah my feeling is alright i forgot all my problems and also my disseas i feel cured a short a hudge fan of yours.sorry for some bad english.

    BJA shines as usual!!!! | Reviewer: Sarah.L
        ------ About the album Bullet In A Bible performed by Green Day

    I knew Billlie would never let an audience down. He just has a certain presence that others lack. He has a knack for getting an audience to listen. You have to be a certain kind of person to be able to grab that kind of attention. Green Day will always have that special something. And I'm a sucker for mrn with green eyes and black hair ;)

    19/10/12 | Reviewer: saurav
        ------ About the album American Idiot performed by Green Day

    i love greenday , songs like american idiot,basketcase,she,know your enemy just makes me crazy . infact i love all their albums,songs and them . so guys keep listening to greenday best punk band in the worid

    The Greatest Green Day album EVER. | Reviewer: Payton Andrews
        ------ About the album American Idiot performed by Green Day

    Songs like American Idiot, Holiday/B.O.B.D, Wake Me Up When September Ends, and Jesus of Surburbia are very political but very bad-ass. Also, the cover. AWESOMEST ALBUM COVER EVER.

    THE EXPERIMENTS OF THE ALBUM | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album Nimrod performed by Green Day

    When I first listened to the record, it was amazing with the different instruments of some songs. It shows that a band can have interesting music. The singles that I liked from "NIMROD" is 'Nice Guys Finish Last', probably 'Last Ride In', oh and 'Platypus (I Hate You' or maybe 'Prosthetic Head'. I think the album is outstanding like "INSOMNIAC".

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