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Punk has been arranged and dragged so much, its aged
prematurely. Bands have evolved and even died as its
progressive strain mutates and grows. Being a genre so
bratty, angst ridden, and fucked around, punk is a recycled
phenomenon. Its infectious armour heals after a continuous
battering. 1989 may have offered a revival, a medication to
ease niggling pains. A band offered a drug with impact more
potent than domestic painkillers. This trio offered their
own formula, a concoction of highly fuelled shouts, layered
with their own views. More...

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Review about Green Day songs
    ------ About the song Are We the Waiting performed by Green Day

and screaming "Buy something and set it on fire you idiots and listen to more of Greenday". God, i WISH I had a Bazooka hooked up to some Cerwin Vegas.

Crowd control 101 | Reviewer: KingJK
    ------ About the song King For A Day/Shout performed by Green Day

When they play this in bullet in a bible i have to say it is the most amazing live performance ive ever seen
Billie owns that crowd and they are willing to follow him anywhere
I love the call and answer Billie has with the crowd and i have gotten alot of inspiration from this on how to better my own frontman skills
All out amazing performance of an amazing song

back in the day | Reviewer: Karen
    ------ About the song Whatsername performed by Green Day

i love the older greenday songs. this song never "helped me get through pain" but it hit the spot when i got to thinkin about the past. too bad they fell off after american idiot. they were so much better before they decided they were emo or some shit. i dont care how old billy joe armstrong is, he will always be my top celebrity crush, as long as i dont see if his physical appearance has changed or not since 2005 :) (or if i dont think about him sitting in a nasty trap house gettin spun and jerkin off after days without a shower...with meth mouth... lol, ugh. *Longview and geek stink breath* ) maybe not my top celebrity crush.... but anyway i like this song. lol

green is the wor(l)d | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Who Wrote Holden Caulfield? performed by Green Day

true of the most intricate truths of most of our lives written out so bluntly.
I can easily relate to all green day songs...both when high and in full sobriety.
I wonder why this song hasn't got the acclaim it deserves.

Green day. | Reviewer: Priyojeet
    ------ About the song Are We the Waiting performed by Green Day

Green Day is my favorite Rock Band.Billie Joe Armstrong,Tre Cool and Mike Dirnt are the best guys to and in this Universe.Green Day has changed my life.I love all Green Day songs.Green Day lives in my dreams and my feelings.I wanna be like them.They are awesome.This song is great too.

for the last reviwer | Reviewer: emopunk
    ------ About the song Know Your Enemy performed by Green Day

im 13 n still ive heard plenty f songs from dookie, kerplunk,nimrod,warning etc...its tru they r gr8 bt d nw stuff isnt bad, like uno dos n tre...its kinda lyk party music(sounds lyk that).

armitage shanks urinals | Reviewer: some random guy
    ------ About the song Armatage Shanks performed by Green Day

"Armatage Shanks" [sic] is the first song on Green Day's 1995 album, Insomniac, which came about after the band had been to England and noticed the brand name on the urinals there.

I don't see what's so revolutionary about a brand of urinals.

Times of MY life | Reviewer: Stinga
    ------ About the song Time Of Your Life performed by Green Day

This tune just holds so true for me, where I have twice been engaged to 2 different girls, I have then had 2 separate near life ending car accidents, I have moved from country to continent and these lyrics always just seem to stay with me. Old song, but a true classic especially after what I've been through

A fine ballad | Reviewer: Claire
    ------ About the song Wake me up when September ends performed by Green Day

I am much older than the rock generation. I grew up just after WWII. Our poplar songs were such as "How Much is that Doggie in the Window?"and the ike. But I truly love this song. It is actually really a true ballad.I first becme interested because Mike Dirnt lived next door to me in Oakland. His cat Gravy would come over when Mike was on tour. At a later date, when Mike moved to another home in the hills, he could not let Gravy out due to coyotes. So he trusted me and gave little Gravy to me. I loved that wonderful lovng grey kitty; he symbolized everything about Green Day to me, as well as my young cousins (teenagers) coming over to scream and giggle because Gravy was connected to Green Day. I even attended one of Green Day's concerts on comp tickets, with these cousins, and enjoyed every minute. This song and these memories are very dear to me. I miss having Green Day nex tdoor and Gravy cuddling up on my lap. This song is what i have left of these days a few years ago, and I plan to learn to sing it as the lovely ballad that it is.

Miz u aamo(mum) | Reviewer: Shyeela rai
    ------ About the song Time Of Your Life performed by Green Day

Ths song iz realy heart touching...i locked al the memory whch i had spend wid my mum in mind.i wis tat event returnt agan coz once i wana hug her tight n nevr let her go...miz u so much aamo.lov u...GREEDY REALY ROCK. . .!!!

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