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Release Date: 02/01/1994
Tracks in Dookie: Burnout, Having A Blast, Chump, Longview, Welcome To Paradise, Pulling Teeth, Basket Case, She, Sassafras Roots, When I Come Around, Coming Clean, Emenius Sleepus, In The End, F.O.D., All By Myself

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30/5/2013 | Reviewer: FELIX GREENDAY | 5/30/13

dookie is one of the best album the best in this album is when i come around and longview.I think people should know green day most fucking popular band punk in this world.GREEN DAY VERY FUCKING BEST

max. some may know me from the percy jackson comments | Reviewer: max | 10/21/09

hey peoples this is percy famous max! i love green day and dookie is one of thier best alboms. if i could meet them i would freak they are soooo awsome. my fav song uot of all of them is boulevard of brocken dreams. every time i get bored i write the lyrics over and over. that song kinda relates to me because everyone walks there own paths and sometimes people want there lost paths to be found by other people during rough times. you know what green day is just pure awsomness.

Fabulous! | Reviewer: Kimberley | 10/7/09

I love this album, I've always been a massive Green Day fan, but this album is better than all the others, I LOVE Basketcase and When I Come Around. It appeals to young people because we totally get what they're on about. So I say a big HELL FUCKING YEAH to Dookie and to Green Day

dookie rocks | Reviewer: jayson riley | 8/13/07

Dookie is one of the best albums from green day i have ever heard.My favourite songs would probobly be pulling teeth and Having a blast.I listen to it all the time. jayson

amazing | Reviewer: tania | 7/21/07

i am 15 this woz the first ever album i had ever listened to it is by far the most amazing album i have ever heard its just one of then when you can just listen to every song on the ablbum and say "god i love this song god i love this song" gets me buzzing every time i hear it reminds me of gd gd gd times LOL AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All By Myself... | Reviewer: Cate | 5/22/07

i love the song all by myself, lol it cracks me up! and there is the long silence then all by myself starts. lol its so cute, they mustve been drunk when they made that song, it was tre singing right? well, the little "pop" at the end is an awesome ending lol green day rox

On Dookie | Reviewer: Wesley | 4/7/07

never have I heard such a good album. every song is a legend in punk rock history somewhere. my only problem with this album is: what's with the long silence on FOD?

Fave tracks: Burnout, Basket Case, Emenius Sleepus, Longview, Pulling Teeth, Welcome to Paradise.

My Review | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/3/06

This album proves that from the beginning Green Day were brilliant. It has really good songs, as mentioned before, Basket Case and some various others such as When I Come Around and Longview. The way they put the lyrics to music was great and really works. Great album.

Exellent | Reviewer: Vikki, 13 | 12/31/05

this album really stands out in Punk history. The songs have exellent riffs, like in Basketcase and Pulling Teeth. Basketcase was written to describe Billie Joes' panic attacks. Pulling Teeth was written about an Ex of Bassist Mike Dirnt. It portrays the way his Girlfriend once accidently hurt him. Overall this is an amazing album and will stay in my mind forever

my view on the green day dookie album | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/27/05

Dookie is one of the best albums made by Green Day besides American Idiot which is my personal favourite. Basketcase is a great song which i think will appeal to many of the fans including myself.
Charlotte Nield

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