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Release Date: 09/21/2004
Tracks in American Idiot: American Idiot, Jesus Of Suburbia, Holiday, Boulevard Of Broken Dreams, Are We The Waiting, St. Jimmy, Give Me Novacaine, She's A Rebel, Extraordinary Girl, Letterbomb, Wake Me Up When September Ends, Homecoming, Whatsername

American Idiot Album Tracklist

19/10/12 | Reviewer: saurav | 10/19/12

i love greenday , songs like american idiot,basketcase,she,know your enemy just makes me crazy . infact i love all their albums,songs and them . so guys keep listening to greenday best punk band in the worid

The Greatest Green Day album EVER. | Reviewer: Payton Andrews | 7/20/12

Songs like American Idiot, Holiday/B.O.B.D, Wake Me Up When September Ends, and Jesus of Surburbia are very political but very bad-ass. Also, the cover. AWESOMEST ALBUM COVER EVER.

THE GREATEST ALBUM EVER | Reviewer: Pearlh205 | 3/30/12

This has to be the greatest album by any artist ever.The impact it had and still has with music lovers all over the world is incredible.Iam 52 yrs old and from the punk era and i have seen greenday live twice and they beat all the live bands past and present when they play this album .The audience partication is out of this world. I am going to see the American idiot musical in Edinburgh in october and i cant wait.

I love green day | Reviewer: cristian | 9/21/10

green day is the best punk rock band
their albuns are great without the world's best
his best songs, jesus of suburbs, holiday, give me novocaine, 21 century breakdown, the anerican the girls, east jesus nowhere, chirtians inferno and many more from Colombia cristrian
green day I love

American Idot is WOW! | Reviewer: Sloaner98 | 12/22/09

Look at the title, American Idiot is WOW! one of the best of green day's work.Seriously buy this album if you haven't already bought it, I'm not kidding get of this website now an go on to one of thouse shops online an buy NOW!!! not later NOW!!! Are you deaf NOW!!!!!!!

PERFECT | Reviewer: GreenDayLover | 11/27/09

I love this album!!!!!!!!!!!!! every song on it is great, and i just love them all!

I think we can agree that Green Day is somthing we can actually listen to instead of all that rap/pop bullshit that people call "music" these days.

being born again | Reviewer: kc | 10/18/09

I grew up listening to Green Days Dukie album over and over and all the others but when I got this album it was like I herd one of the greates bands all over again it was like they had secret albums that would shake puck music by the heads that they bang rock on!!!!

used to think they were too noisy, but love em to bits now !!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/6/08

bought the album not long ago, only because i liked boulavard of broken dreams,
so bought the album, and at first thought, its a bit mad for me, but now i'm addicted, play it loud every day, can't get enough of them!!!
have to go see them if they tour england again, me fave is tre' - i'd love to dare be as mental as him !!!!!

michelle, staffordshire .

Green day roCkS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: DenIssE | 12/5/07

Green day is the best rock band u can ever liten to. i listen to their cd every day. and i dont get sick of them mi favorite songs," AmerIcaN idiOt,JesuS of SubuRbiA & " Wake Me up wen SepTEmBer EndS" keEp rockIng mi WOrlD!!!!!!!!!

Musical genius. | Reviewer: ametur_poet | 10/3/07

AI and Dookie were both great albums in their own aspects; Dookie had hardcore punk rock beliefs, and AI had deep, soulful songs. This album had things that made it magnificent, most of all being that it followed a storyline, and told everything in such a vivid and poetic way. To be honest, I haven't heard a rock opera this good since Pink Floyd's "The Wall". I would recommend this album to anyone.

IDOT ROCKS!!!!!!!!! GD | Reviewer: JAYSON RILEY | 8/13/07

American idiot is agreat lbum but not as good as Dookie Internatial Superhits.Myfavourite songs are Whatsername and Homecoming. 8/10 JAYSON

This kicks ass | Reviewer: LoSeR | 2/16/07

One of the most awsomest CD ever to be heard on this planet

billie joe,mike dirnt & tre cool rockz!!!!!!! | Reviewer: billie joe,mike dirnt & tre cool rockz!!!!!!! | 11/3/05


GREEN DAY ROX MY WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Danielle | 8/2/05

American Idiot is such a good cd, and so are they!!!!! I listen to there cd everyday, wear there t-shirt everyday that i got from there concert in New Zealand.
This has to be the best cd ive ever listened to!!! i give it a 10 out of 10!!!!!!!

Green Day hasn't lost their touch!!!! | Reviewer: DMC360 | 5/7/05

I cannot tell a lie I've always been a Green Day fan so maybee my opinion is biased, but I have to say this album is fantastic. There are many good song on this album. Jesus of Suburbia, Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Holiday, Give Me Novicaine, and When September Ends are probably my favorites, but there is not a song on the album that I don't like. Dookie was one of my all time favorite albums, and personally I like this one as much or better. If your sick of the thoughtless mind numbing crap that is played on the radio buy this album and restore your faith in the music industry.

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