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Release Date: 05/15/2009
Tracks in 21st Century Breakdown: Song Of The Century, 21st Century Breakdown, Know Your Enemy, ¡Viva La Gloria!, Before The Lobotomy, Christian's Inferno, Last Night On Earth, East Jesus Nowhere, Peacemaker, Last Of The American Girls, Murder City, ¿Viva La Gloria? (Little Girl), Restless Heart Syndrome, Horseshoes And Handgrenades, The Static Age, 21 Guns, American Eulogy, See The Light, Bonus tracks, A Quick One While He's Away, Another State Of Mind, That's All Right, Like A Rolling Stone, Lights Out

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WOW. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/21/13

And Mayrlin Manson isn't white? The last time I checked he was. So why is it okay for Marylin Manson to say the "n" word but not Green Day? How is that justifiable? Because you just said "I don't like when a white person uses this word, whether or not he/she is just trying to make a point". You better throw your Marylin Manson CDs away, too while you're at it.

Amazing | Reviewer: Joliee | 7/1/13

The songs on this CD are truly amazing. I have many favorites, Green Day has never failed to impress me with their talent. And for that one comment on the bottom complaining about someone using the 'n word', seriously, grow up. If you listen to Marilyn Manson you sure as hell can handle Billie saying 'the n word'. Green Day is a group whose music can connect to so many people's lifestyles. It's as if they reach out to everyone with an open hand, to lift them from their sorrows. This album is one of their best.

for that not impressed guy. | Reviewer: IsaacOh | 7/2/10

umm green day racist? dude do you know what Working Class Hero is about? yeah that's right. they're standing up for minorities being abused and put into slavery. they dedicated a whole song to minorities and they say the "n" word and you call them racist? it wasn't even used as a derogatory way! you have to understand that it is just a word like "cool". it's the not the word itself but how it is used. for example i really think you're cool (sarcasm intended). feel offended? well isn't cool a good word? that's what you're wondering

Awesome | Reviewer: | 2/8/10

This album was the best album from Green Day. I love their lyrics. By the way they don't care about "n" word. It was not sarcasm ! Hello ? We're already free to say something out loud ! Not impressed ? Well, Green Day didn't care if you not impressed. Don't take this album to a political region ! 21st Century Breakdown was awesome !

Whatevs. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/9/10

You know, you kind of have to point out right about now that black people call themselves the 'n' word (omg thats so childish) and yet, white people are racist when they say it? Dude, it's a song. Get on with your life.

Justifiable | Reviewer: Dylan37 | 1/9/10

Look Mr "not Impressed", you where over reacting.
Green Day didn't use the N-word for hate, They used it for satire. In the song the narrato is talking about some useing the word (hence the quotes). It's like the Dead Kennedys using the word in Holiday in Cambodia (Though they do use the word "brother" live. The N-word is horrable when used derogatoraly but in this case Green Day did not have hatefull intentions.

Go wine somewhere else! | Reviewer: Sloaner98 | 12/22/09

OMG!Who the hell are you an how could you be "Not impressed..." by 21st centry breakdown!Billie Joe has a right to say what ever he wants and he is gonna say what ever he wants 'cause he does give a flying frig!!! so stick that up your's an go wine somewhere eles you fag!!!

Tough | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/18/09

This cd is fantastic. Definitely one of their best. 1st poster's review merits no one's attention. Just the fact that you believe that the "n word" is appropriate when anyone says it proves to me that you're an idiot. The word is never appropriate and it's never going to be. That being said, it is still a word and that fact alone means that it's going to be used. By people in general. Not just by one race. Grow up and get over your disappointment. What year do you think it is? 1953? It's called freedom of speech.. no matter what's being said. Anyways, in the song the word appears in, it's used in a quote. Again, the cd is utterly fantastic and never gets boring to listen to. It's not the same-beat-in-every-song kind of cd that music fans have come to accept and purchase and overplay, instilling in their watered down brains the ridiculous idea that it's good.

upset | Reviewer: niyessa | 6/11/09

it stunning to see that people are just now realizing the derogitory terms greenday has been using, Im a HUGE fan, and yes, no one likes hearing it, but listen to the message not just the word. the only time i thought a word was misused in their album was in holiday, "kill all the f*gs that dont agree". but overall their mesaages are powerful, and i believe every song has an underlying meaning that we need to look to.

sad | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/7/09

its sad that people cant get over the racial slurs. you really shouldnt judge an artist for using them. yes we know that word is part of an unpleasent part of history but get over it stop being childish and move on.this cd is great, one of their best.

Not impressed... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/31/09

So here's the thing. I was listening to the new Green Day CD at work, and was reading the lyrics while listening. When I got to the song American Eulogy, I got into it b/c it was catchy. Then came the "n" word, and I immediately turned the CD off. I dislike very much when a white person uses the derogatory term for a black person, and I was shocked when I read and heard this word in a Green Day song. This is SOOOOO not Green Day. I am a huge Marilyn Manson fan, and I am aware that he uses the "n" word in a couple of songs, but that's Marilyn Manson and I would expect that from him. I never in my wildest dreams would have expected to hear that word in a Green Day song. There are numerous songs on 21st Century Breakdown that I enjoyed, but I don't know if I will ever listen to this CD again. My views on Green Day have changed greatly.

You (the reader) can say what you want about my review. You can put me down 'cause I really don't give a flying frig!!! I may get rid of this CD. You may think I am overreacting to the use of the "n" word, but like I said, I don't like when a white person uses this word, whether or not he/she is just trying to make a point.

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