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Green Carnation was formed in 1990 by X-Botteri, Cristopher Botteri, Tchort and Anders Kobro. in 1991/1992 a Death Metal demo, Hallucinations of Despair, was released. Tchort left the band in late 1992 to join Norwegian Black Metallers, Emperor. With him, the present vocalist, Richart Olsen, also decided to leave the band. Green Carnation found a new vocalist and changed their style and name into what is now known as In The Woods...

Through friendship and the wish to fullfill the dreams and goals of Green Carnation when it was started, GC decided to reform the band and achieve the goals they had set, 8 years ago. November 1998, Green Carnation was reformed, but with a new drummer, Alf T Leangel. The process of writing music for the debut album was both inspiring and brought forth creativity long gone within Tchort, since the death of his daughter - a subject that also became the concept of the first album from the band.

Tchort and X-Botteri composed music together, plus making their "own" songs for the album. Writing music together was also a challenge they had looked forward to since the beginning of the band.

July 1999 - Green Carnation started recording the debut album, Journey to the end of the night, a 72 minute long concept album. The recordings took place in Jailhouse studios, located in Kristiansand, Norway.

All participation from the 5 different vocalists, Vibeke Stene, Atle Dorum, Geir Sollid, Synne Soprana and Linn Solaas happened under difficult circumstances, since the 2 original vocalists had to cancel studio duties, while Green Carnation were in studio.
In the end, all vocals were performed by the 5 above mentioned vocalists - under total improvisation.

Due to different reasons, "Journey to the end of the night" was not ready to be launched until late October 2000, by Prophecy Productions.

July 2001 - Green Carnation is again ready to record, this time its a 60 minute long concept song, which will be featured on their second opus, Light Of Day, Day Of Darkness, as a one track album.

The band also presents a new line up for this recording, with Tchort as the only member left from the first album, but with the original drummer, Anders Kobro back in the line up.

New members to the band are:

Stein R on bass
Bjorn H on guitar
Kjetil Nordhus on vocals
Anders Kobro on drums

Tchort - guitar, lyrics and composer

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Insane band | Reviewer: Dave | 4/17/2007

about a year ago, i was looking around, trying to find a new band that i have never heard of, and it really came through with green carnation. They are a progresive/straight rock and roll band that keeps changing their style every album. They sound like a Dream theater from Norway with more chords and more hooks. I have two of their records as of now, the quiet offspring and light of day, day of darkness. the quite offspring was straight rock and roll that got me hooked on more than half of the songs for about 2 and a half months. Light of Day, Day of Darkness is a single track hour long masterpiece. it will change your perspective of what is metal everytime you listen to it. They are incredible...simple as that.

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