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Slum Village Greatness Lyrics

Last updated: 01/12/2014 06:27:56 AM

Some of the basic laws of metaphysics understanding self
Understanding the relationship with the most ((highest)) in the universe
Understanding laws of cause and effect
Now the average person only recognizes the effect
Understanding the cause, ((helps you to better understand the effect))
Most of the time people ((get caught up in the effect without realizing and taking time and see why that situation happens when they don’t know))

Looking at the world ((through my minds eye))
Picturing the time as it flies by
Going at the speed of light, I’m leaving out your eye sight
I’m an invisible ((energy feeling the pure light))
I can manifest anything tangible that I like
All I gotta do is visualize in they mind like
And all I see is love and it shines bright
It illuminates everything in my eyesight
I’m a feather, weightless, free and floats in
No more segregation, no more hesitation
Living every single moment in my meditation
While I’m walking every single step is an elevation
While I’m talking every single breath since we levitatin
I couldn’t do it before because I didn’t have the patience
But the higher self inside of me was waiting there patiently
For me to open my heart so my love wouldn’t be wasted
The true essence is so close you could taste it
That’s the bear naked truth and most people can’t take it

Can I just get my time?
My mind respects ya
My passion was deep down on my affection
Throw something bonus,
I’m destined for greatness yea

I can move mountains, ((mind over matter, thought process))
Deeper than Atlantic, so enchanted like shinin bright from the solar plexus
‘Cause enough energy, ya’s my reflection
Love is my selection, protection
Floatin on a higher level
My brain drop gems and hold em like a bezel
Meditate over the madness
Infiltrate sadness to gladness
Pessimistics sticks left stagnant
Only happiness ((in my dragnet))
My concept since I was a fragment
Somewhere ((up in the stratus))
My spirit flies free through the galaxy matter

Can I just get my time?
My mind respects ya
My passion was deep down on my affection
Throw something bonus,
I’m destined for greatness yea

Wutchu doin? Wutchu doin now?
How you feelin now? Just for tell me how it’s going down
Tell me how you feelin now? Wutchu doin now?
Won’t you tell me how it’s going down?

Put yourself in my predicament
To ((hear lies)) from seeing all you ones with the imfanents
Lies a truth baptized, it’s intimate now
((It penetrate your skin why?))
‘Cause the son of men
No one is innocent and I defend ours of the tinaments
City how I rise like the illy rent
Photo polish that we all must fall
They be teaching false beliefs like it ain’t no tomorrow
Even if we gonna seize man, we all live on
Read through my lines and poems to deceize this form
Relationships staking bill, they get ripped and torn
And we all will be born just to go beyond, fuck it
That’s why you always see me star gazin
((Tryin to reach higher self with a higher heights than meditation))
Took a lot of will a lot of patience
A lot of skill, a lot of common skill
((But it’s real to counter the fakeness))
And you could take it how you take it
Now while you contemplate to me and in most eyes having conversations love

The next thing I wish you couldn’t go to is power of thought
Is you think positive things ((your world will be full of positivity))
If you think negative things your world will be full of negativity
It sounds simple and you try to apply these things
And always stay conscious of these things
It’s not…
Those some basic laws of metaphysics