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Embrace Gravity Lyrics

Last updated: 09/15/2010 11:00:00 AM

Honey, It's been a long time coming
And I can't stop now
Such a long time running
And I can't stop now
Do you hear my heart beating
Can you hear that sound
Cause I can't help thinking
And I don't look down

And then I looked up at the sun and I could see
Oh the way that gravity turns for you and me
And then I looked up at the sky and saw the sun
And the way that gravity pulls on everyone, on everyone

Baby, It's been a long time waiting
Such a long, long time
And I can't stop smiling
No I can't stop now
And do you hear my heart beating
And can you hear that sound
Cause I can't help crying
And I won't look down

And then I looked up at the sun and I could see
Oh the way that gravity turns on you and me
And then I looked up at the sun and saw the sky
And the way that gravity pulls on you and I, on you and I

Can you hear my heart beating
Can you hear that sound
Cause I can't help crying
And I wont look down

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wedding song, love song, does it matter? | Reviewer: dbgtsaiyan | 9/15/10

Funny how people make comments whether this should be a wedding song or not or if it's a love song or not. It's all on how you interpret this song. I just came across this not too long ago and didn't realize it was this old. Regardless how you veiw this, the song is amazing in it's own way.

gravity | Reviewer: jo | 4/16/09

just love it...but yeah, it would be sad if it became cliche...but then again if so many people love it then there is nothing stopping them from using it at their wedding....but personally i'm going to use 'smack my bitch up' by prodigy at my wedding...for comic value :P

Perfect Song | Reviewer: Liz | 4/10/09

We were looking for a song for our wedding 25/06/05 and my hubby asked me to listen to this one. When I listened to the words it was perfect..... now when we hear it it brings back the happiest of memories.... this song means so mush to us... you can also hear it on loads of programmes ,,,

its a belter | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/14/08

Absolutly love this song, the words are gorgeous and i don't care what anyone says i can't wait to have this as my 1st dance at my wedding. It's nicer than any of the cheesy stuff folk pick, its the music we like and we'll have it on our day followd by chasing cars!!

Simply brilliant | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/21/08

Kind of like Hurt by Johnny Cash. Not Cash's own words, but made his all the same. This is a superb song written by Chris Martin, yet made Embrace's own. The song i'll always remember in my head as the song I listened to as I drove to be married. Gorgeous!

soothing | Reviewer: Honey | 11/5/07

its a song which portrays satisfaction and contentment with the one we love =) I truly love this has become one of my favorite songs ever! n i dedicate it to the guy i love mwAh! My Lollipop:)i like hearing it wen im alone,relaxing..

>> What I Think << | Reviewer: Kaylee | 10/10/07

First Time I Heard This Song It Put a Big Smile On My Face It Was Really Nicee =] It Began to Bring Back Memories To Me Just Listening To The Words Made Me Smile =] And Then i Looked Up At The Sky And Saw The Sun And The Way That Gravity Pulls On Everyone [8]* Favourite Part To The Song <<< It Sounds Like a Sad Song But Its Not Really =] Couple of Wee Things To Say Listen Like Play Over And Pver Again Its A Good Song =]

Love It | Reviewer: Paul B | 8/12/07

First heard this song on Pandora, and after a couple of plays, bought it via iTunes.

The melody in this song is gorgeous, the voice very moving and very rare in alternative music, at least to these 45 year old ears. I am a man from the 80's...BUT it is a song like this that lets me know that the soul of music is so very much alive. The song is just a beautiful piece of writing and musical excellence.

Music is meant to evoke feelings and emotions, and this one does it, hands down.

Not a sad song | Reviewer: ellie | 5/25/07

When I met my Partner he played me this and asked if it could be our song. The first time I heard it I was against it being "our song" because it sounded sad, but then my Partner told me what he thought it was about. It totally turned the song around for me and now it's our song. It took us a long time to find eachother and finally be happy, and now we've found eachother we'll never look back. We'll be having it at our wedding! :)

as a private song it'd be nice | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/23/07

it's nice in its personal tone. it'd be unfortunate if it became cliche, it's not a wedding song people.