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Aranda Gravity Lyrics

Last updated: 05/28/2012 11:00:00 AM

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I see right through you
With your 'how've you been's and 'it's nice to see you again's
Pretending everything is okay
You stole my heart and now I got it back
How could you leave me like that
Wouldn't that be nice
If I just let you back in my life

You got it all worked out just a little too late,
you took the long way down when you pushed me away,
you're gonna say we all need a little gravity,
give me just a little gravity,
we all need a little gravity,
give me just a little gravity

One of these days you're gonna lose your game
Gonna run out of blame
When the jokes you've made turn on you
Well you sold me out
And you question my word
And now you falling to earth and just in time
Don't forget to enjoy the ride


Situation critical
Take it in and let go
Game over this time
Destination goodbye
Your pedestal was too high
And baby this well has run dry
Your well has run dry


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