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Velvet Revolver Gravedancer Lyrics

Last updated: 07/04/2007 11:00:00 AM

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She's all that I see
And all that I breathe
Take a breath and hold her in
As her shadow's whispering
I can hear the laughter
Knowing what they're after
While she flies beside me
On many broken wings

Take, take a look around
She's a pretty good dancer
She dances on my grave
Everytime it goes down
Everytime she comes down
Everytime we fall down
She dances all over me

She's the world at my feet
The sun that gives heat
Take a rest and hold her near
Or she'll float away from here
Cause I'm knowing what you fearing
And a sentimental jury
And every mile that guides you
I'll watch over everything


And everytime that we feel it
It's just another long wasted night
And the dance that we tear
Is just another way for you to roll over me
And the bed that we're sharing
Is the home that I wanna bring you
Want to feel you
I don't want to hear you


She dances all over me
She dances all over me
She's a pretty good dancer
Take, take, take a look around
She's a pretty good dancer
Everytime she comes down

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