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American Music Club Gratitude Walks Lyrics

Last updated: 11/17/2009 11:00:00 AM

Why don't you be good for something
And draw down the shade
On a sun that sat up all night shivering
On a sun that sat up all night afraid

One that shines on the oasis that
Leads a man to drink
Drunk on the kind of applause
That gets louder the lower you sink

Gratitude walks on Sixth Street

Pull it from the air
And they throw it into bloom
And you're spinning under their wheels
Trapped in your room

You're jumpy, you don't want to see
You don't want to see them have their fun
A slap in the face if she should laugh
Push him down if he should try and run

Gratitude walks on Sixth Street

Take a number for your big lament
They sold the rules of dream land
in cotton, wool, and cement

Well it's never what you want
It's just the kind of thing that always happens here
Yeah you watch the good old days pass you by
Leaving your cupboards bare

Gratitude walks on Sixth Street
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