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Mickey Hart, percussion, vocals. Mickey is best known for
his thirty years as percussionist with the Grateful Dead.
He is a trustee at the American Folklife Center of the
Library of Congress, the executive producer of the World
series of music for Rykodisc, founder of "Planet Drum,"
author of Drumming at the Edge of Magic, Planet Drum, and
Spirit into Sound, and composer of film scores, including
the percussion soundtrack to "Apocalypse Now." His latest
album is called "Spirit into Sound." He won the first World
Music Grammy ever More...

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Review about Grateful Dead songs
Dead Beauty | Reviewer: Sam Eustice
    ------ About the song Brokedown Palace performed by Grateful Dead

Brokedown Palace is one of the most beautifully written and sung songs I have ever had the pleasure to exprience. It has moved me to tears more than once. There is so much melancholy to the lyrics and the twang of the guitar yet the song still leaves you feeling happy and at peace. If you haven't heard this song: LISTEN TO IT NOW! peace.

The Very Essence Of The Grateful Dead | Reviewer: Bobby Guerrin
    ------ About the song That's It For The Other One performed by Grateful Dead

Dark Star while the trippyist of any Psychdelic Era song and my favorite, if I could only bring one tune it would be a full live version of "That's It For The Other One".In my opinion the verses in this song actually capture the very foundation upon which the very essence of The Grateful Dead was built. Left a bus stop in its place. The bus came by and I got on, that's where it all began, therewas Captain Neal at the Wheel of the bus to never ever land. I got on that Bus in 1968 only because I didn't know any better. The Bus represents everything that the 60s, and peace and love, and Acid, Mushrooms was all about. To experience new things, to stretch your mind, to live more freely without hassles. To be a hippie, long hair, colors, and the most important part of all: The Music lead by The Grateful Dead. It encapsulates everything 1965-1971 stood for. All too short but as intense as possible. The coming together of every form of music, like different liquids all being poured into the same pitcher at the same time. Cannot and will not ever happen again. THE BUS.

We will survive ! | Reviewer: Grateful Dead fan
    ------ About the song Touch Of Grey performed by Grateful Dead

What a great song!....every time I listen to it, it reenergizes me ...the meaning of the lyrics are as current now as they were in the eighties. Jerry Garcia and the "Dead" are immortal. Remember, no matter what, do the best you can, you will survive!

dont let go | Reviewer: Jason
    ------ About the song Standing On The Moon performed by Grateful Dead

It soothes my soul every time I hear this one; GD led by JG whilst communing from the other side with deft arrangements in verse. This one hits home as its the chief song that carried me through when my brother left this plane & I am ever thankful for the power of this music! My bro was invested in GD culture & his taper tix yielded a treasure trove of shows...What a legacy!! It is through Michael I embark upon discovery of the vastness of excellent music out there which is fitting because music was our bond.
Fare thee well My Brother

.. | Reviewer: mars
    ------ About the song Standing On The Moon performed by Grateful Dead

I think standing on the moon speaks to reflecting back on life from a place or state of isolation; and that even with all its strife and pain, there is still love and attraction enough to cause you to wish you were reengaged.

Jerry's view | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Standing On The Moon performed by Grateful Dead

For me the song is about Jerry's experience. He was always on stage playing the music. He never got to experience what it was like as an audience member. "I'd rather be with you"

Head-sticking music | Reviewer: Mike
    ------ About the song Weather Report Suite performed by Grateful Dead

As one reviewer has said, this is music that sticks in the brain. Don't try and get rid of it,
you could cause serious damage. This is breathtakingly beautiful music designed to be listened to in various altered states of consciousness (yes, as with Blues for Allah). Served a 4 month prison sentence and every night I went to bed listening to either BFA or WRS - that's the reason I could force myself to get up in a morning, the music acted as a buffer to life. Thank you GD.

Brent's words are more relevant than ever | Reviewer: Ron Grayson
    ------ About the song We Can Run performed by Grateful Dead

I was lucky enough to see Brent Mydland sing this song several times with the Grateful Dead...Written in the late 1980's the words reflect our world today more than ever...Send this to all members of Congress and remind them, They can run, but they can't hide!

so many roads, so little time | Reviewer: jd92
    ------ About the song Row Jimmy performed by Grateful Dead

So glad whenever someone discovers the dead for the first time. They are the only band that has ever moved me to so many places without ever physically leaving the place I'm in. I miss Jerrry. I miss seeing the dead. My mind and spirit remember though and i can still journey. God bless the dead.

A song only Bobby can do!! | Reviewer: Old skool Cat!
    ------ About the song Lost Sailor performed by Grateful Dead

Just thinking of this song, it's how this brotha feels this morning, then started to sing the lyrics, now I'm writting you all here. I lost my Uncle a few hours ago, actually awakened to the news. Well, like once told, " DEATH HAS NO MERCY" he was extremely sick & old & also one that was raised as I was & that's you don't kill or take your own life, sissy & unfair to others. His wife & daughter were waiting for him to come over upon this news. Sorry to add this to the lyrics, but it makes me feel like the words say, just Drifting & dreaming, maybe going on a dream" one love, Ras Chris.

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