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From Modesto, California comes a quintet of daringly
different musicians... with Jason Lytle on lead vocals, Jim
Fairchild on guitar, Kevin Garcia on bass, Tim Dryden on
keyboard and Aaron Burtch on drums, they're the aurally
unique band, More...

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Review about Grandaddy songs
Grandaddy is the Best | Reviewer: Cherry Bomb Girl
    ------ About the song Stray Dog and the Chocolate Shake performed by Grandaddy

I don't know why, but this song has always made me think of keytars. But this is a great song, it's just I can't remember the stupid words. I already figured out the guitar part for it.

brilliant | Reviewer: ronen beniamminov
    ------ About the song Jed the Humanoid performed by Grandaddy

this album is one of the best albums in this century. describes perfectly the madness for technology.
specialy the fisrt song decribing the lost 2000 man and the emptiness filling him.
the album is about the old and primitive world and the new hi-tech world after 2000. this album is mirror for the 2000 decade and the people living and trying to fit in.
work of ark, from Grandaddy

:D GR8 | Reviewer: Naz
    ------ About the song A.M. 180 performed by Grandaddy

I love the song a nd how it fits 'oddly' to 28 days later, seeing how the other numbers are dark and sad. hearing this must be like a sigh of relief 'finally we're save' no zombies in budgens. or itll be heartstoppers every other moment :P

G-Dad | Reviewer: The Dude
    ------ About the song I'm on Standby performed by Grandaddy

Jason Lytle is one of the top-10 most gifted songwriters of the decade. Hat's off. If Grammy's meant anything, Grandaddy would have won at least two.

Thank god he'll still be releasing stuff under his name, 'Jason Lytle,' now that Grandaddy is through.

DFC | Reviewer: Raine
    ------ About the song I'm on Standby performed by Grandaddy

I've always thought this song was by Death Cab For Cutie :O.
I downloaded it on limewire.
This sucks cos it's always been one of my favorite Death Cab songs :'( ITS ALL A LIE!
I will still always love the song, I am just a bit crushed since Death Cab is one of my favorite bands :(
Sounds so much like them too, i had no idea.
Anyways, thumbs up for the song, love it.

Don't give in 2000 Man | Reviewer: Ghost
    ------ About the song He's Simple, He's Dumb, He's the Pilot performed by Grandaddy

The album came out about 98/99. The song is about mankind around the turn of the millenium. How computers were coming to dominate the world at that the time, in particular the rise or the internet, the song is asking mankind to hang on to it's humanity

God help us! | Reviewer: Psilas
    ------ About the song He's Simple, He's Dumb, He's the Pilot performed by Grandaddy

The song is actually about being taken in your dreams and having to jump out of an aircraft with a parachute.

When you land, everyone greets you but, soon melancholia sets in as the demons {dead idiots} hassle you into killing yourself by wispering in your ear and torturing you at night!

2000 man refers to anyone who undergoes this!

David Icke ain't the only one who writes about this ya know!

Review | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Jed's Other Poem (Beautiful Ground) performed by Grandaddy

I, personally, admire the chords throughout the song. That really makes it have quite a deep feel to it. Very nice. However, I would have liked a little more lyrics. Overall, one of Grandaddy's best.

Oh, and by the way, BM: 6^2 3^2 3^2 3^1 2^1 4^1 8^2 6^2.
2^3 6^3 6^2 8^1 2^1 2^3 8^1 6^1 3^2.

Ca4l m3e.

28 days later | Reviewer: LoneWolf
    ------ About the song A.M. 180 performed by Grandaddy

god awesome song for an awesome seen in an awesome movie in the super market and he throws his credit card down at the end! LOL!

agree but disagree | Reviewer: Jon
    ------ About the song He's Simple, He's Dumb, He's the Pilot performed by Grandaddy

I like your idea of the song how the 2000 Man is referring to the new era of America that has been established since 2000 but men makes more sense because he is referring to all the men, plural, instead of just referring to one man

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