Grand Belial's Key Albums

  • Judeobeast Assassination Album (8/1/2001)
    The Tenderhearted's Manifesto
    Pimps Of Gennesaret
    Fecal Parturition
    The Shitagogue
    The Hexenhaus Vigil
    Lamb Of God Slain Will Be
    Doves Of War

  • Mocking The Philanthropist Album (3/22/1997)
    Foul Parody Of The Lord's Supper
    Reflections Of The Coffin Lid
    The Slums Of Jerusalem
    Castrate The Redeemer
    Sumerian Fairytale
    At The Blessed Grotto
    Savouring The Virgin's Pessary
    In Rapture By The Fenrir Moon
    The Centaur
    Conspicuous Imagery Adorns The Nunery
    The Seventh Enochian Key
    The Holocaust Trumpeter

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