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Frank Sinatra Granada Lyrics

Last updated: 04/25/2014 05:28:15 AM

Granada, land that I dream about
My song becomes gypsy-like when it is for you
My song, made from fantasy
My song, blossom of melancholy
Which I've come to bestow on you.
Granada, maiden sung about in precious couplets
I have nothing to give you but a bouquet of roses
made from a rebellious and gypsy dream covered with flowers,
And I kiss your crimson mouth, a juicy apple
that speaks to me of love.

Granada, land bloodied in evenings of bullfights
Woman who retains the bewitchment of your Moorish eyes
of softly fragrant roses
which had framed the image of the dark-skinned Virgin.

Granada, your land is full
of beautiful women, blood and sun.

Thanks to Ivan Mancinelli-Franconi, Ph.D for submitting Granada Lyrics.