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Graham Coxon Biography

Last updated: 10/13/2012 09:50:26 AM

Graham Coxons home planet is not Earth and his name isn't even Graham Coxon, surprised?
Graham once lived in an unknown galaxy a trillion light years away. He was sent by the planets leader (who shall rename unnamed) to scope out Earth and its many weaknesses so that over time Grahams home plant would invade earth completely making those who occupied the planet, slaves.
Graham chose this name because it's the only name he could spell at the time (Coxon came a while later). He took notes and sent them to his home planet after many years, however he was sent to a different region of earth under the impression a fellow species had invaded,though the area had not been terrorized. Graham enjoyed the area on a tremendous level while he was there and decided to reside temporarily until he was due back.
During the years he spent in Colchester (the area he enjoyed) he began to grow rather fond of this particular human whom he met accidentally. The man's name was Damon Albarn. The two began to see each quite often in the time Graham spent there and they began showing each other different skills. Damon shown Graham the wonders of music and this thing called: guitar. It was all quite foreign to the mysterious space creature, however he fell completely in love. Of course he didn't know what he was feeling let alone name it, but it made Graham feel different he never felt this way where he once lived that much he knew.
The two began seeing each other excessively getting to know each other and soon Graham forgot all about his original purpose as to why he was sent to earth,he became completely infatuated with Damon.
Then in a matter of years Damon soon fell in love with Graham and the foreign space creature felt the same. They ran away from their homes, Damon away from his family to live in the bustling city of London, where they met long time friends, Alex James and Dave Rowntree. Coincidentally the two played the bass and drums, with Grahams ability to to play a wicked guitar and Damon's ability to sing the men soon formed a band. Though it didn't last long as they would have liked, after 21 plus years Graham received an urgent message from his home planet demanding his return. Graham could not disobey an order, Graham had to leave. He had to stand aside as he watched the earth he grew to love become destroyed, and he just could not let that happen he couldn't watch the one he loved be reduced to crud.
So one night after the two made love (as they often did), Graham formed a plan to kill him. He had already killed the others though this was left completely out of Damon's knowledge.It pained Graham, physically and mentally, though it left him no choice he couldn't let Damon suffer. He confessed all to Damon about his true identity and his purpose, Damon had every right to know, Graham couldn't take the life of a man he loved and passionately cared for and not let him know the truth.
Damon was shocked which was the natural reaction though he didn't see Graham any less, which pained Graham even more. Maybe it would have been easier if Damon hated him or had been afraid,rather.However that wasn't the case.
With every emotion spiked ten folds Graham did the unthinkable.
He led a dazed Damon to an isolated area and killed him instantly. The cause of Damon's death?
Indie Pop

Graham was never to be seen again for he completely left earth and the glaxy, they mystery of Graham Coxon shall remain a mystery.

Thanks to beats for submitting the biography.