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Broken, bones and the will
Capacity to disappear in misery saves
Soaking, pain as a thrill, hate to instill
Compassion's a cage

Forgiving the father
Read the story on my skin
I'll be the martyr
Falling from his grace again

Sunken, sooner or later
We crawl our way back into our favorite hole
Drunken, swallow the savior
And follow him to hang from the highest pole

Forgiving the father
Read the story on my skin
Tell me more about the man I should have been, yeah!
I'll be the martyr
Falling from his grace again

This is where the end begins

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not thrash. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/4/13

One of the songs that i think how the h*ll did anyone get the idea for those bat-sh*t-crazy riffs? Awesome Song with really great lyrics, as LOG usually. One thing bothers me; please stop calling LOG thrash metal, its not. Its groove/ death metal.

Probably my favourite song of all time | Reviewer: Jac | 2/23/13

This song is incredible, as a guitarist, drummer among other things I find this song beautiful, it stands out from allot of metal tracks to me and just makes me stop and think "wow if I could ever write something as talented as this." whenever this masterpiece comes on weather it's on a bus on my way to school or at home relaxing I can't help but smile and give it the respect it deserves by singing along at the top of my voice.

Interesting Lyrics | Reviewer: Style | 3/20/11

Musically the song is brilliant. Nobody can deny that as a thrash metal fan. Obviously if you're into country music or you enjoy Britney Spears this song isn't for you, and chances are you wouldn't be on this page.

However what I think is equally important to the music in a song is it's lyrics and this song is certainly one that intrigues me. Randy is a pretty anti-religious dude and also quite vocal about politics too.

Not to go too deep, but I think this song is about being a sinner and going back to sin all the time. Which is interesting because if you're anti-religion and don't believe in God, why would you tell this store? Anyway absolutely amazing Lamb of God track. Can't fault it from musical standpoint and think it's brilliant from start to end.

Valoa | Reviewer: Valoa | 12/8/10

The beginning of this song manipulates and captures your soul, and then just before you get to comfortable in your tranquill lucid experience
they give your brain a hiding by introducing the mean double kick, unreal guitar riffs and vocals, this song is legend and definitley my favourie metlar song

So Godlike | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/17/10

I have to say. Lamb Of God is definitely one of the best thrash bands around. Look at how much bands like Slayer and Metallica have degenerated, but Lamb of God continues to deliver. One word: Beast.

Cow Sword | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/21/09

The intro to this song would make Yngwie Malmsteen proud. A beautiful intro proceeding to chugging riffs. LOG have one of the most complicated riffs to their songs. Mark Mortons' and Willies' guitars are Jazz and Blues influenced. And Randy is a fucking beast !!

Amazing | Reviewer: Hutto | 10/19/09

This will have to go up on the history boards as one of the most talented songs of all times.
Beginning with a beautiful melodic intro classical musicians would appreciate, and unleashing raw energy from V1 till the end.

As a musician of 19years this song gives my goose bumps every time I hear it.

Ok.... | Reviewer: Dusty | 9/3/09

Musically, Vocally, everything about this song, is amazing.
This is honestly the most beautiful, and brutal song Ive ever heard.
Easily One of their best songs.
The whole Wrath album is awesome, but Grace stands out to me.

A definite Must listen to.
Trust me.

Mike | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/27/09

instrumentally, this song is fucking amazing... from beginning to verse to solo to end. I can't think of another song like this. I havent listened to the entire Wrath album still, but so far its pretty good. Randy's voice is so great in this song too.

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