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Dave Matthews Band and Dave Matthews Grace is Gone Lyrics

Last updated: 10/16/2010 11:00:00 AM

Grace Is Gone

Neon shines through smoky eyes tonight
It’s 2 am - I’m drunk again it’s heavy on my mind

I could never love again so much as I love you
Where you end where I begin is like a river going through
Take my eyes,take my heart cuz I need them no more
If never again they fall upon the one I so adore

Excuse me please one more drink
Could you make it strong cause I don’t need to think
She broke my heart my Grace is gone
One more drink and I’ll move on

One drink to remember, then another to forget
How could I ever dream to find sweet love like you again
One drink to remember, and another to forget

Excuse me please one more drink
Could you make it strong cause I don’t need to think
She broke my heart my Grace is gone
One more drink and I’ll move on
One more drink and I’ll be gone

You think of things impossible then the sun refused to shine
I woke with you beside me your cold hand lay in mine

Excuse me please one more drink
Could you make it strong cause I don’t need to think
She broke my heart my Grace is gone
One more drink and I’ll go

Excuse me please one more drink
Could you make it strong cause I don’t need to think
She broke my heart my Grace is gone
One more drink and I'll move on
One more drink and I’ll be gone
One more drink my Grace is gone
One more drink my Grace is gonetake

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wedding song | Reviewer: barbara reynolds | 10/15/10

this song will be used as my first dance song when and ever i decide to get married and hopefully the lovely pat from tipperary and the lovely liam from my home town will play the guitar and songs can be taken and twisted anyway you want it to suit you to me this song is about love and how it's not always perfect but it's still love

Ya'll are stupid. | Reviewer: Abby | 7/5/10

First off I totally agree with Thomas. The only one who really knows is the one who wrote it.
In this song, "Grace" is used as in the phrase "grace of god", not a woman's name. Matthews wrote this around the time his stepfather died, and found it hard to write a song about a stepfather. It can be heard as a song of lost love, whether it be of a family member or a lover.
This was originally on "The Lillywhite Sessions," a collection of songs the band recorded with producer Steve Lillywhite, but decided not to release because members of the band and record label felt they were too depressing. The sessions were leaked on the Internet and widely bootlegged. The response from fans was great, which prompted the band to release the songs on an album over a year after they were first recorded. The result was Busted Stuff, which was basically a re-recording of the original sessions.
Grace isn't his sister either. His sister is Anne. Grace is one of his daughters, but the song isn't about her.

rachel | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/25/09

This song is simply is, as simply put. Dave would not try to confuse his listeners and lovers with hyperboles and such. Take it as you will, but this man has loved and lost...and we can all very much so relate. Get high or drunk or be plain old sober. It is what it is, a beautiful true hearted song.

guesstimation | Reviewer: thomas | 9/14/09

I think its funny how everyone finds their own meaning to songs. In reality the only person who knows what the song truly means is the person who wrote it. You can find your own meaning to every song made and it'll probably be completely different from everyone elses. Its human nature to put a meaning with or define something we don't really understand. our brains tell us that we need to make sence out of everything. Nevermind the fact that its just great music.

Terry McWilliams | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/18/09

I believe in my heart that this song is about a time that Dave Matthews saw a Wombat, and fell madly in love with it. He tried to make a sexual relation with the Wombat, but it didn't work out. This song chronicles how Dave copes with his 'one that got away'...his 'unicorn' if you will. But it's a Wombat, not a Unicorn.
Best wishes to alL!

The Truth about Dave Matthews Lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/28/09

First of all, He is a very informed person. Thats the first step in understanding all musicians is being a truth seeker. This man truly believes in a better way of life. You have to find the truth to even comment about most musicians. Songs are designed to grab your attention by posing as being about sex or relatives or whatever but here it is folks: Grace is Gone means we have lost touch with ourselves. And the whole song is summed up in the first two lines. Neon shines through smokey eyes is hyperbole for the real truths, which are suppressed to the average person, are clouded with smoke and mirrors. So the next line can be described as the want to drink because how badly misinformed and disinformed people are. Its like banging your head against the wall. This is the closest thing to dave's perspective that you are going to get and i can go all day. unconditional love to all. search theduderinok on youtube and investigate like you never investigated before. The truth is out there!

help!? | Reviewer: LC | 3/25/08

So i am going to write a paper on this fora lit class , and i could really use sum1's help!!!
I kno its about his father, and not about love interest, and he is very poetic. So i need to tie in poetry, this song, and dave's style of writting!
So ne1!?!?!
my e-mail is!!
it would be much help....

ON AN ON..... | Reviewer: vc | 2/17/08

grace .. this song is sure a gr8 song man when ever i listen to this song ... i jst go high...
and starts to r eminds of my 1 and only love which i culdn't get.... as she is lost in blossems ........and im standing in desert....

His sister | Reviewer: Chip | 1/2/08

I am pretty sure the song is about his sister who died shortly before the song began being heard. I think her name was Grace.

the step dad vs old gf debate | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/3/07

In Sept of this year I saw DMB at the Smirnoff Music Centre and he played this song. Right before he started he said "This is a song about death." He didn't specify whether it was a girl or family member or anyone else. I think that's part of his genius, he leave it out for speculation and it allows everyone to relate to it however they personally need to. Its a great song and he played the hell out of it.