Gotthard Albums

  • Firebirth Album (6/12/2012)
    Give Me Real
    Remember It's Me
    Yippie Aye Yay
    Tell Me
    The Story Is Over
    Right On
    Take It All Back
    I Can
    Where Are You

  • Need To Believe Album (9/22/2009)
    Shangri La
    Unspoken Words
    Need To Believe
    Unconditional Faith
    I Don't Mind
    Break Away
    Don't Let Me Down
    Right From Wrong
    I Know, You Know
    Rebel Soul
    Tears To Cry

  • Lipservice Album (7/29/2008)
    All We Are
    Dream On
    Lift U Up
    Everything I Want
    Cupid's Arrow
    I Wonder
    I'm Alive
    I've Seen An Angel Cry
    Stay For The Night
    Anytime Anywhere
    Said & Done
    The Other Side Of Me
    Nothing Left At All
    And The Goodbye

  • Domino Effect Album (9/18/2007)
    Master Of Illusion
    Gone To Far
    Domino Effect
    The Call
    The Oscar Goes To...
    The Cruiser (Judgement Day)
    Heal Me
    Letter To A Friend
    Tomorrow's Just Begun
    Come Alive
    Bad To The Bone
    Where Is Love When It's Gone
    Can't Be The Real Thing

  • Human Zoo Album (4/1/2003)
  • HomeRun Album (5/8/2001)
  • Open Album (7/1/1998)
  • D Frosted Album (9/29/1997)
  • G. Album (10/14/1996)
  • Dial Hard Album (1/31/1994)
  • Gotthard Album (3/9/1992)

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