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Hate, something, sometime, someway, something kicked on the front floor...
Mine? Something, inside.
I'll never ever follow.
So give.. me.. some.. thing.. that.. is.. for.. real.
I'll never ever follow.

Get your boogie on...
Get your boogie on...

Hate, something, someway, each day, feeling ripped off again. NO!
Why? This shit inside.
Now everyone will follow.
So give.. me.. no.. thing.. just.. feel.
And now this shit will follow.

God paged me, you'll never see the light, who wants to see?
God told me, I've already got the life, oh I see...
God paged me, you'll never see the light, who wants to see?
God told me, I've already got the life, oh I see...

Each day I can feel it swallow, inside something took from me.
I don't feel your deathly wave.
Each day I feel so hollow, inside always beating me,,
You will never see, so come dance with me.

Dance with me
Dance with me
Dance with me
Dance with me (Rumbiddieboo Rumbiddieboo
Dance with me Rumbiddieboo Rum bum dee dum dee
Dance with me bum diddie doo Rumbiddieboo)

God paged me, you'll never see the light, who wants to see?
God told me, I've already got the life, oh I see...
God paged me, you'll never see the light, who wants to see?
God told me, I've already got the life, oh I see...

Got the life
Got the life
Got the life
Got the life
Got the life
Got the life
Got the life
Got the life

Got... the... life.

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just sayin | Reviewer: shooga | 12/5/13

Love the song. Hope everyone realizes that we can't interpret songs that isn't our own. Who knows what the meaning of the song is, for all we know they could've just wrote it to make it fit with the instumentals. They all were on drugs so who knows what was going on in their heads.

Blah blah blah | Reviewer: Jesus Freak | 10/1/13

To the people who defended God that's awesome but we ain't never gonna help no one find him by judging them for what they believe. At one point I stood where they did and people trying to shove God in my face didn't do anything but make me want to run from it even more! Jesus wasn't twisted he hung out with prostitutes and tax collectors. He didn't scold the prostitute that he saved from gettin stoned to death. He simply told her to go and sin no more. We are human we are all messed up in the head and some of us as Christians fail to remember we ain't perfect either. The Bible says arguing with a fool makes you one too. Not on those words but that's what it's basically saying.

MZ | Reviewer: ... | 7/22/13

MZ, you're the pathetic one. Nothing in this world is more senseless and awful and disgusting than religion. Why would I even want to believe in a god who decides if I was "good enough" to come into heaven? And if you don't like it when other people criticise religion then why do you criticise their own opinion? Religion is an option, just one ( pretty stupid ) theory how world and we were created. Science is the other one. If people prefer to believe in ( the truth ) the biological evolution and the logically fact that there's no life after death leave them the fuck alone.

its really about | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/28/13

I love this song... it's about having such a rich life and can have whatever he wants but he believes there's more to life and looking up to God like I don't want this anymore I want a real life

really? | Reviewer: rob | 3/5/13

Its about the music business. yeah he could take the millions and the glamour and everything but hes already "got the life". its not about religion or God giving him some divine message, its about dealing with the bullshit once you sell out.

what i think | Reviewer: chae | 7/6/12

When he says God told me that I got the life he means he already has a wonderful luxurious life. He's rich he can have whatever he wants. I think he means he'd rather live for this world than go to heaven anyways. Idk I

stupid anonymous | Reviewer: MZ | 5/4/12

You are really pathetic Anonymous, your lack of respect for God and religion makes me want to throw up.Now you're just a stupid 16 year old but when you grow up I hope you realize your sins the same way Korn did, since they converted, Brian Welch being the first to see the light.

wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/23/12

Religious people scare me to be honest. I wish they would keep their shitty religion views off of the internet. crazykid needs a wake up call and welcome to the real world. If God was real, he is one sadistic asshole and is someone I wouldn't want to look up to. Music is about making you, the listener feel better or relate to. Not to judge and criticize by some religious retard who thinks he is correct by believing in something that does not exist. Look here, kid, if god was real, he wouldn't have made you. Haven't you ever heard "Keep thy religion to thy self?" learn it.

short and sweet | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/27/11

crazykid7, shut the hell up. This song is about realising that we only have one life and your assertion that we have nothing to live for if we don't believe in your imaginary friend, is fucking stupid. All you have to live for is worshipping his imaginary ass. We live for whats real and it's possible to have more than burger king, cars and women without religion. If god told you to kill someone, you'd have to because all you live for is kissing his ass. We're individuals and we're nothing without the universe. Also, it's not monkeys dumbass. Not a surprise that the most notorious people who cherry pick their own religion, wanna continue this strawman argument against non-believers. Try arguing with members of other religions, coward.

get over it | Reviewer: crazykid7 | 11/4/11

for all of you who mock what they say about god, you r retarded, what do you have to believe in? germs or that we cam from monkeys, you are wrong maybe your baboon ass came from monkeys but not me, korn has enough money to wipe there ass with your hand if they wanted too, god put them there and in this song they talk about hating the fact that they have everything now but in the end they believe they wont have everlasting life. either way all of you who tlk down are dumb, what do you live for????? burger king and cars or maybe just girls??? get over it dudes you wuldnt have anything with out god.... go to yur local churches and find one that fits and get on one knee and say sorry and ask for forgivness and if yur lucky yu mightget it. good luck

Please tell me you've all seen the video for this. | Reviewer: nukafire | 9/14/11

VEVO has KoRn's official Got The Life video on
here's a direct link for you fans out there.
After all "God told me, you already got the life"
I shouldn't have to say where that quote came from.

Great Song | Reviewer: korn2disturbed | 8/27/11

Korn is one of the greatest bands in history, I believe in God so I don't agree with how Jonathon feels on the subject but damn it, I still love this song! I also love the song Evolution, which just shows you how awesome they are I love a song that completely goes against what I believe in...

The song strikes an unusual chord in lyrics and sound | Reviewer: Charlie | 6/15/11

Our search for meaning seems to dead end, new inspiration are proven false then God "pages" you, a reference to modern times, with an update on where you've gone wrong with your thinking-"you already got the life". Its over for the person in the first tense but God is willing to show anyone else.

Something | Reviewer: Jones | 4/29/11

God paged me, you'll never see the light, who wants to see? - This part is really straight. God texts him, that there isn't any light at the end of the tunnel.
God told me, you already got the life, oh I see...
God has told him, that there isn't any afterlife, so we should get it already. "Oh I see" Stands for getting to know it

interpretation | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/18/10

I think he starts off saying he hates religion, then goes on to say he needs something thats real. the next part talks about deciding to follow his inside (or heart)(which probably means being rebellious). Then in the chorus he's speaking about god using reverse psychology to make him see the life thats best. And then he goes on to say others should join him and see what the best life is. sounds pretty right, the song is called 'got the life' and korn arent meant to be a shining light of goodness..

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