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Note: This is an addendum to the biography that's currently
posted. This only covers the history/backstory to the
band's newest album, Plastic Beach.

In an interview, Murdoc claimed that Noodle HAD in fact
died when the windmill island was shot down. Murdoc said he
tried to recover her body from the wreckage, but the most
he could get was a DNA sample. He also attempted to travel
through the bowels of hell in order to bring her back, but
failed. He later used her DNA to create a cyborg version of
Noodle (who is super violent and More...

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Review about Gorillaz songs
The Devil | Reviewer: Andrew Fernstrom
    ------ About the song Clint Eastwood performed by Gorillaz

I'll keep it short. "Del" is the Devil. 2-D is the man living in spiritual darkness, taking things for face value, seeing the world only in "two dimensions" as we see it. Drugs are somewhat of a shortcut to spirituality... but they aren't positive. The Devil and drugs go hand in hand. And all four of these cartoon characters are different parts of ourselves. That's about it.

My interpretation | Reviewer: Another Anonymous Person...
    ------ About the song Clint Eastwood performed by Gorillaz

I think this song is about depression and the affected fantasising to make everything seem alright. The part 2D sings could mean that he suffers from depression but his "sunshine in a bag" is his imagination inside his head and it makes him feel glad even though he isn't happy on the inside.

When Del sings, it could be about the world around and the fact that it is corrupted (wars and stuff) but everything is fine inside our heads. The last bit that Del raps could be taken as if something has gone wrong in our heads but we shouldn't be afraid since "it's all in your head".

I would also to touch on the chorus again. "I'm useless, but not for long, the/my future is coming on" could refer to the depressed person setting goals and hoping/knowing that everything will be better soon.
(Written while listening to the song twice. I haven't been /this/ philosophical before...) If there's anything you don't agree with, please say.

BTW, the drugs part everyone is talking about might actually be the therapeutic drug of the imagination. (The mind.) "Remember that it's all in your head"!

Elites and usurpers | Reviewer: Xw
    ------ About the song Fire Coming Out Of A Monkey's Head performed by Gorillaz

I don't know if this makes sense but to me the song is about an actual elite that has access to some kind of magical or spiritual knowledge that they are using to "play out their peaceful lives", which are protected by the violence in the world below, see "Dirty Harry" (I need a gun to keep myself from harm cos all we do is dance). These happy folks are hedonistic and they live away from other folk because they wouldn't understand their life style, so to preserve it and because they were the rulers of the world and guardians of the Monkey (spirituality, or good, or white magic, call it what you want) they had to hide themselves. The problem is, the strange folk, whom I think of as folks that have had access to similar spiritual knowledge, have found a way to bend their own nature in order to enter the "town of the happy folks" thus escaping from the "litany of excess and violence of the world below", the strange folks have a realistic and materialistic perspective on life which is called "the truth of the eyes" (search for humanism, enlightenment, science over religion, rationality, the values of our society) their advantage over the happy folks is that they can act and the happy folks don't know evil or pain or violence because they've never felt it, strange-folk come from a world that the happy folks only know from far away but they have been corrupted by the treasure of the mountain called monkey which is supposed to be guarded by the pure of spirit but now is being used against mankind as a weapon, slowly bending the nature of everyone so they get more people on their side while the happy folks which are a minority are dying or gone or just powerless to do anything because the way of doing things has changed and the ancient values which they protected are now dismissed by everyone. Does it make sense? I had a hard time finding the words to say this but to me it's like, this song is talking about something mystical here, something deep, like a metaphor for what's going on in the world right now, I just feel it

possesion | Reviewer: jared
    ------ About the song Clint Eastwood performed by Gorillaz

this songs supposed to be about the drummer and how he was allegedly possessed by a demon, n I kinda think sunshine in a bag is referring to heroin because the lead sing was an ex heroin junkie. you could interpret this song anyway you want but if you actually really think about, the person whos rapping the song is Russel's inner demon 0.o ...... think about it...

Behind It All... | Reviewer: Jaxx.A.Cosmos
    ------ About the song Feel Good Inc. performed by Gorillaz

Feel Good,... I love it, we all do. I had only ever heard that song one time when it came out,... then I never heard it again. But through some miracle the tune of that song had hung around in my head for an odd five years or so, and that's when I discovered it had been on my computer the whole time. The clip was certainly different to how a remember it as a kid (5 yrs old).

2D's eyes were the main point of recall, because i remembered them to be fully white instead of black.


Behind it all,... i think it's really depressing. Seeing 2D looked trapped made me feel trapped. Seeing 2D seem sad made me feel sad. All in all I felt like i was feeling whatever 2D was. But i love him for being him, so when I hear the song I just close my eyes and listen to his voice...

That's what makes me smile.

I know it's just Damon behind it all, but i can't let myself see it that way. To me, it's 2D, and 2D only.

So,... overall, this song is my heart and soul,... forever.

. . . | Reviewer: Del3030
    ------ About the song Rock The House performed by Gorillaz

I agree with whoever said the song was perfect for parties. i agree. i love the music video (& my sis hides when murdoc PELVIS THRUTS) its funny and . . .murdoc-ly creepy. out of all, good song. i am the longest review here. :D yaaaaaaayy

i might b wrong | Reviewer: kk vantas
    ------ About the song Rockit performed by Gorillaz

i think the song is about drinking like some crazy a$$ and then regretting it (and 4getting what 2 say, so you use the best filler in the world: bla bla bla) as 4 the music video . . . no comment there ;-;

its not about sex!! | Reviewer: kk vantas
    ------ About the song DARE performed by Gorillaz

enough said :T i mean really, you all have problems if you think that. Noodle in this video is what, 13-ish? i love gorillaz, they are my favorite band. and this is one of thier best ones! stop hating and reall ylisten to it!!

truly superb | Reviewer: reyasem
    ------ About the song Every Planet We Reach Is Dead performed by Gorillaz

seriously,i'm not good with guessing a lyric's meaning. Especially this song,combined with its gloomy mood,and depressing title.. I have no idea what this song wants to tell us,but according to the rythm,then it must be pretty sad...

Just another brilliant gorillaz song,you oughtta hear it...

social media | Reviewer: reyasem
    ------ About the song Rock It performed by Gorillaz

i think this song is dissin social media (y'know,like twitter,FB etc) where everyone share everything no one needs or no one wants about their life that no one cares (but they keep sharing anyway)

"omg,i'm walking to the bookstore,now,lolol"
"having some daniels for my night"
"this people sit next to me is such a creep"

y'know,things like that...

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