Gorillaz Albums

  • The Fall Album (12/25/2010)
    Revolving Doors
    Hillbilly Man
    Little Pink Plastic Bags
    The Joplin Spider
    The Parish Of Space Dust
    The Speak It Mountains
    Bobby In Phoenix
    California & The Slipping Of The Sun

  • Plastic Beach Album (3/9/2010)
    Welcome To The World Of The Plastic Beach
    White Flag
    Rhinestone Eyes
    Superfast Jellyfish
    Empire Ants
    Glitter Freeze
    Some Kind Of Nature
    On Melancholy Hill
    Plastic Beach
    To Binge
    Cloud Of Unknowing
    Pirate Jet

  • D-Sides Album (11/20/2007)
    We Are Happy Landfill
    Hong Kong
    Highway (Under Construction)
    Bill Murray
    The Swagga
    Murdoc Is God
    Spitting Out The Demons
    Don't Get Lost In Heaven (Original Demo Version)
    Stop The Dams
    DARE (DFA Remix)
    DARE (Soulwax Remix)
    DARE (Junior Sanchez Remix)

  • Demon Days Album (5/24/2005)
    Last Living Souls
    Kids With Guns
    O Green World
    Dirty Harry
    Feel Good Inc.
    El Mañana
    Every Planet We Reach Is Dead
    November Has Come
    All Alone
    White Light
    Fire Coming Out Of A Monkey's Head
    Don't Get Lost In Heaven
    Demon Days

  • Laika Come Home Album (7/16/2002)
  • G-Sides Album (2/26/2002)
  • Gorillaz Album (4/24/2001)

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    Reviews about Gorillaz albums

    Grows on you... Quickly. | Reviewer: Bradlib
        ------ About the album Plastic Beach performed by Gorillaz

    The first time I heard "Stylo", I wasn't impressed. By that judgment alone, I didn't want to hear the album. However, when I listened to the album in it's entirety, I didn't have any complaints with a single track. It's wonderfully produced and extremely catchy. I find myself humming songs from PB all the time.

    unashamed adoration | Reviewer: stef
        ------ About the album Demon Days performed by Gorillaz

    ok i got the album because i like feel good inc. Now i like all the songs. this guy i am seeing put it on repeat all night and after listening to it 50 times or so i got withdrawal when it ended when i would have expected to be sick of it.

    Some are haunting, some down right depressing. but all the songs are good. and my kids even agree with me. and my friends. This guy i was speaking off said he reckons everyone likes gorillaz. like everyone. not so sure about my granma though

    I totally love this album!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: George Harrison
        ------ About the album Demon Days performed by Gorillaz

    Last time I listened to a Gorillaz album, I had "sunshine in a bag." As a Beatle, I know what good songs should sound like. I mean, do you think we became national overlords of music by NOT sounding good? As my good friend John used to say, "If you're not a Gorilla, you can't sing like a Beatle." There was the fact that John kind of died in the 80's, but I still channel his spirit sometimes when I go on my LSD trips. Wait, you didn't read that. You know, about John and the spirit channelling and the LSD trips. Damn it, I need to shut up. Oopsies. Back to the album. Not the LSD or the profanities. Pardon my bloody English. Demon Days was a
    beautiful tribute to the British. "Fire coming out a monkey's head" reminds me of Britain's struggle with the Opium War. Wow, I love Opiates. And no, Opiates is not realted to Pilates. Maybe it is, some sources would argue this with me. But I'm a ******* Beatle, god dammit! You can't argue with me. Ok, um, Demon Days was a true orchestrational song that made me as high as the day I first tried Marryjuwana. I love the Gorillaz, and I want that one girl Gorilla to marry me. No, not the one that talks to Jane Goodall in sign language.

    GREAT! 13/11/2005 | Reviewer: Jamie AKA Trixy
        ------ About the album Demon Days performed by Gorillaz

    All I can say about this album is GREAT, GREAT, GREAT! It has great songs (even though I am a girl!) and great ideas for illustrations. GREAT!

    Amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album Demon Days performed by Gorillaz

    When I first listened to the album, I was skeptical. After a while, though, I realized that it was a true work of art. The music and lyrics are great, and importantly, original. Each piece is different from the next, making it something you'll never get bored of.

    I give this album a 9.8 out of 10 and I highly recommend it.

    Demon days | Reviewer: Andy Jones
        ------ About the album Demon Days performed by Gorillaz

    Don't know how i feel right now. But I know it's good. Real Good. It feels like a wind of change, musically stricking and then lyrically brilliant.

    I have not listened.....listened with interest to an album like this for a long time. The irony is..... it makes me feel good (INC):-). Could be a masterpiece of the future.

    Loose, you will not.

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