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I wanted you for life
you and me
in the wind
I never thought there come a time
that our story would end
its hard to understand
but I guess i'll have to try
its not easy
to say goodbye .....

For all the joy we shared
all that time we had to spend
now if I had one wish
I'd want forever back again
to look into your eyes
and hold you when you cry
its not easy
to say goodbye......

I can remember all those great times we had
There were so many memories, some good some bad
yes and through it all
those memories will last
forever .....

Theres peace in where you are
may be all I need to know
and if I listen to my heart
i'll hear your laughter once more
and so I got to say
i'm just glad you came my way
its not easy to say

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Did I do all? | Reviewer: Ken | 3/8/14

I lost my immediate sister some years back. She died in the house and till now I still wonder could I have done more, did I do all I know to do. Its long now but I still feel the pain. Everytime I listen to this sond it goes dipper than head. Indeed its not easy to say GOODBYE

Will Aways Love You | Reviewer: Kenneth Christian | 8/12/13

I Have a friend 4 years ago, She is a close person to me, we shear so many good and bad memories, but we fall apart some month ago, I don't think we will ever come back again. But will aways love her. Abby love u

For my Husband | Reviewer: Sue | 7/4/13

I lost my husband on his 57th birthday to ALS-Lou Gehrig's Disease- June 14, 2009. He was an amazing man. So this song has touched my heart and I will always treasure it. We have been married for 38 years. Thank you for these lyrics.

Lost daughter | Reviewer: Agnes | 12/14/12

14/12 /2012 Glasgow Lional Ritchie concert this song was sang at the concert sadly my daughter for some reason has fallen out with me , we were so close and it's breaking my heart Lional sang this song and the tears just rolled down my face I just pray some day to have her back. Thanks Lional for a wonderful night . Agnes

Losing our dear Sarah | Reviewer: Grandma Connie | 10/15/12

I have quite a number of Lionel Richie albums and I have loved so many of his songs and duets. However, when I heard "Goodbye" after our precious granddaughter Sarah died at the age of 16 after a horrific battle with AML Leukemia, I have felt it touch my heart like no other song. I have cried many tears while listening to the melodic words and yet I also find it soothing. She has been gone from us just over a year but I know the words and melody will be a part of my life until I meet her once more.

In memory of my wonderful husband 'Joe' | Reviewer: Connie | 10/8/12

Such a beautiful song for the most wonderful man in the world. The good Lord took him 5/24/2003 at age 58 and I will never forget him nor stop loving him. Being married just two weeks shy of 40 years, we shared many, many wonderful and unforgettable memories and this song just makes me sit back and remember more each time I listen to it. It brings me to tears. Thank you Lionel for this beautiful song but I will never say 'Goodbye' to my husband 'Joe' but just remember him everyday until 'we meet again'. Connie

This song tugged at my heart | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/31/12

I also thought I had heard all of his songs. Just heard this one today for the first time. I lost my husband 33 years ago. He was just 24 years old. This song tugged at my heart! I have never stopped thinking and loving him after these 33 years. I belong to an organization called Toastmasters International. I have to give a speech soon and the project is a "touching story". When I heard this song, I just knew I had to incorporate this song with my speech. I always thought his song "Still" was my favorite. I am torn on which one now. Thank you Lionel for always writing and singing the greatest and romantic songs for us.

To my beautiful mum | Reviewer: Karen | 8/11/11

I heard this song a few days after my mother passed away and played it at her funeral.

The words rang true as to how we all felt. Its such a beautiful song for such a beautiful lady.

Its been a month since her passing and I quite often sing those words to myself which gives me comfort when I feel like crumbling.

You are in my heart and thoughts you.


For when I have no Words | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/17/11

When I have no words to say, this song fills in the spaces between. Loosing someone you love, no matter what the reason, leaves an uncontrollable ache in one's heart. If you are listening to this song, you probably don't need to be told. Kenzie if you ever read this. I will always be grateful for you.... Goodbye love.

Loss of my love, my heart, my life | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/21/11

I thought I had heard all of Lionel Richie's songs, but it wasn't until two weeks ago when I was walking thru a store, that I heard this one. I stood there and fought back tears. I found my dear husband dead from a heart attack in 2009 - that day my world crashed. It's very hard living alone after 30 years together - not seeing his smile, hearing his laughter or feeling his touch. It's almost more than I can stand. But this song - helped me. If I could, I would say these words to him - I loved him so much. Thank you to Lionel Richie for singing such a beautiful song with words that have so much meaning.

I was meant to hear this song, thanks Lionel Richie | Reviewer: noeleen 25/11/2010 | 11/24/10

I heard this song one morning about 3 months before my darling husband was taken with Cancer.It hit me like a bomb and I knew this was the song to be played at his funeral. I even played it for him and said what I intended to do,he just smiled and I knew what he was thinking.Everyone at the funeral was so taken with the words. I miss him so much but I will have those special memories with me forever. God has you in his keeping we have you in our hearts.

to my husband a love that will never be forgotten | Reviewer: raenae mcleod | 8/25/10

i listen to this song and i must say it brought tears to my eyes, to know when you lose someone you really love he will always be a part of me as well as our children we have together. i miss him so much, even when i look at his picture i cry. iam just lost without my husband not here with me its not the same. i know he is in heaven,because he was kind to everyone he met.

A love lost, but not forgotten | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/23/10

I lost a true love last September - Louise was the special one, but we couldn't be together. I still think about her constantly, but she has probably moved on. I will always love her, and the words of this song say it all for me. Lou will probably never read this, but it helps to write it down. SLY with all my heart Louise x

smiling and crying together in one breath... | Reviewer: Boris M | 5/19/10

Since more than 2 years i´m living with my broken heart because of missing my love. At our last conversation i try to give her to understand, its not fair after 13 years to go without to say goodbye. We´ve had good and bad times, but went mostly under the rainbow. I tought that i´ve found make to normal life... One day morning i listen to the radio, drinking coffee, looking outside the window and say hello to the sunshine... the radio plays the sond Goodbye from Lionel... i closed my eyes and saw her picture and shes smiling at me.. in this moment felt her hugh and her warmth. She never said goodbye to me, she never said it. Every day without her means no life quality no life balance, means missing and hoping. I know thats kiding, but its true. In this sond i found everything. Big emoitions of real feelings, unsaid words are the biggest pain in our life. Diana, i wish you all the best in your life and take care, you are marvelous. Love means sometimes to let them go.
Goodbye Diana

SIMPLY SWEET | Reviewer: | 9/29/09

ahh I dont have the exact words for this song, its just so sweet. The lyrics are so deep and the music couldnt have been so appropriate. I keep wondering why it wasnt sang at MJs funeral.But of course I cant take away the depth of 'Jesus is Love' the song he performed

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