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Rebelution Good Vibes Lyrics

Last updated: 06/29/2012 11:00:00 AM

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Good vibes
We're bringing only good vibes
People walking around talking down on others
You can't know yourself without knowing about the other
And I know
That ain't the right way to go

I've got a hunch that we don't want to diss
Let's move away from hate and prejudice
The racist man yeah he's full of it
Let's learn about the culture opposite
Don't judge a book by the cover
People take a look at the world and discover
That beauty is the word that I think of when I see the different colors of skin
And I'll rejoice and sing for them

The hatred keeps building up
The tension keeps on building up
The hatred keeps building up
The racism is killing us

When we come around
Try to keep compassion on the ground
Feel a sense of freedom with crowd
Connecting people with the sound

Well it's a choice to be grateful
People focus on the enemy that's hateful
The daily news has got a picture of a man, they say I'm supposed to hate
So great, just another stereotype to make

Too many times that I've seen the wrong signs
Back up with your hatred in life
Cause we're bringing only good vibes
Bringing only good vibes
Too many times that I've seen the wrong signs
Empty out the hatred in life
We're bringing only good vibes

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