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Edie Brickell & New Bohemians Good Times lyrics

You don't even have to try
it comes easy for you
the way you move is so appealing it could make me cry
go out drivin' with my friends
in Bobby's big old beat up car
I'm with a lot of people, then I wonder where you are

Good times, bad times gimme some of that
Good times, bad times gimme some of that
Good times, bad times gimme some of that
Ooh woo ooh

I don't wanna say goodbye
don't wanna walk ya to the door
I spent a little time with you, I want a little more

Good times, bad times gimme some of that
Good times, bad times gimme some of that
Good times, bad times gimme some of that
ooh woo ooh

(male spoken part)

And baby really, I don't have to...
I don't have to go anywhere right now.
You want some more, you want some more a' this
Edie, whatever you want baby, just,
say it
aaaaaaaah, just say it

Good times, bad times gimme some of that
Good times, bad times gimme some of that
Good times, bad times gimme some of that
Ooh woo ooh

Now want those good, good ,good times
and not those bad, bad, bad times
I want those good, good, good ,good times
gimme some that..........

1994 Geffen Records, Inc.

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Sorry - forgot the actual review! | Reviewer: Arnie | 5/29/13

This is yet another fantastic example of how important it is to keep it simple. Three chords (A, C#m7, Bm7) and an inspired melody is all you need.
Of course a good looking vocalist and a funky video doesn't hurt, but I'm pretty sure this would have caught my ear coming straight off the radio...
Damn it's good!

She was/is famous :) - to us slightly 'older' school folks... | Reviewer: Jonathan | 4/22/13

One commenter asked why she wan't famous... She was quite famous in 1988. What I am is what I am, are you what you are or what?

But Windows 95 and Good Times will probably be her legacy...OOOOooooohhh... play Edie Brickell, then play the funky animated Windows 95 vid... then play the Edie Brickell video again...

Where do you want to go today?

We are all alike afterall | Reviewer: Rotimi | 10/20/12

I thought I was the only one who fell in love with this song. It's probably one of the best songs on video that I have ever seen. I have looped it so many times that if it were vinyl, it would be melted.
I am glad I finally know who she is. She is lovely. I wonder why she is not famous.

Good times indeed | Reviewer: joe | 6/9/11

The first time I saw this video was when I was installing Win 95 on a friend's old PC sometime in 2003. I had never heard this song before because by that time later versions were already available and nobody used Win 95 anymore but this song appeared to bring many old memories back. The slow soulful melody and lyrics and video reflects the simple basic lifestyle of talented ordinary people who grew up during the internet boom of late '90s.

Still a great song | Reviewer: Rod Corkum | 4/21/11

I found this song as a sample on my first computer (Win 95) and I've "migrated" it to every computer since then (XP at work, Vista at home). Great relaxing music in the background while I work (when I'm alone and can play music) ... I replay half a dozen times before I'll move on to something else.

Thanks :D | Reviewer: Smaug | 2/19/11

Well, my story is the same as everyone else's: an old Windows CD, a bad quality video and an inexplicable addiction to a relaxing, simple, but yet wonderful video and music. As another reviewer said, thanks for bringing back the magic. I'm glad some else put this lyrics here (and the video on YouTube). Oh, how it was hard to "survive" those days... dial-up, floppy disks... oh my :D Thanks and greetings from Brazil.

Ah, memories. | Reviewer: Dark-Star | 4/13/10

I just stumbled across this song after a forum discussion about oldschool computer coolness.

What wonderful memories this song carries for me; my father critiquing the video quality of the version of this song that came on the Windows 95 CD (hardcore nerd, lol!), and me doing the 'cool dance' in a way that only an excited preteen could.

The days of Chip's Challenge, dial-up internet, and CD's with more storage capacity than many hard drives. Back when the *average user* had to

At 21 & 1/2 I'm at the tail end of the oldschool train and glad I caught a ride. I enjoy amazing my younger peers - doing anything on the command line makes one a l33t h@xx0r nowadays.

pure magic | Reviewer: mike beddows | 11/15/07

i first listened to this song in 94 when a friend built me a computer and ive had it on every one since, its so relaxing to sit back and listen to ,real music performed by a class singer and backed by real musicians, i often accompany it myself on bass truly addicted to a pure magic song

Remembrances | Reviewer: Anonymous listener | 11/9/07

I watched this video long ago, but its beauty remains still inside me. I was an adolescent then, and my computer was another. But today I decided to look for it and see if it was possible to enjoy it again... and I found your site and also the video in YouTube... It has been nice to feel that others have also appreciated this... I am feeling thankful. Greetings from Spain

GOOD TIME BAD TIMES | Reviewer: Keith Minton | 8/24/07

This is brilliant, I have the CD song, the best of a series of great songs. Any chance of a commercial DVD/Video of Good Times Bad Times? The Windows version is a masterpiece. Well done, Edie. You have captured perfectly 20th/21st century America. The lyrics are good too!

Keith Minton

Good Times performed by Edie Brickell & New Bohemians. | Reviewer: Martin Maroske | 7/26/07

Loved the song and video clip back in 95 and still do in 07. The female singer has a lovely voice and smile. It would be great to find a higher resolution mpg file.

Goodtimes | Reviewer: Mike Symons | 5/26/07

One of the best songs I have ever listened to. I am not a music person by any means, this is GREAT AND OTHER WORD TO GO ALONG WITH IT!!!

BEST VIDEO FOR BABY BOOMERS EVER MADE!! | Reviewer: sandie medlin | 7/22/05

I have a copy of this song and video on a windows 95 sample cd..whan I first viewed it I was mildly surprised that almost every person in the video reminded me of people that had passed thru or was still in my life for the last 40 all the little joys we've shared growing up that are all but forgotten except in remote areas today..I put this cd in my pc ever time I think about it and need a reminder of simpler times and simpler people..mere words can not express exactly how deeply this video and song have touched me..and the female singer is one of the most innocent,simple and delightful ladies I've listened two words..ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS!!!

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