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1986 Russ-vocals, Rob Land-guitar ,John Burnett-bass, Rich

Russ agrees to sing for the fledgling band. They play
mostly Sex Pistols covers. Russ suggests the name "Good
Riddance," it sticks. The three musicians were formerly
known as "B.O.S.P."(Bunch of Skate Punks) and "Union
Carbide." The band performs for the first time at a squat
house party in Santa Cruz around Christmas time.

1987 Jason Fitzmaurice fills in on vocals at a party while
Russ is out of town. The only performance without More...

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So powerful | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song After The Nightmare performed by Good Riddance

After 16 fast-paced, crash-landing songs in the album, "After the Nightmare" winds down a little and instantly brings you to a post-battle scene, with war torn land and nothing left but bodies and wreckage leftover from brutal fighting. The tone appropriately fits the lyrics, "it's all over" because that's the kind of powerful feeling I get whenever I hear the descending chords at the beginning of the song.

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