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Jack Johnson Good People Lyrics

Last updated: 09/29/2013 07:22:59 AM

You win
It's your show, now
So what's it gonna be
'Cause people
Will tune in
How many train wrecks do we need to see?
Before we lose touch of
We thought this was low
It's bad getting worse so

Where'd all the good people go?
I've been changing channels
I don't see them on the TV shows
Where'd all the good people go?
We got heaps and heaps of what we sow

They got this and that and
With a rat a tat tat
Testing one two,
Now what you gonna do?
Bad news, misused,
Got too much to lose
Gimme some truth
Now whose side are we on?
Whatever you say
Turn on the boob tube
I'm in the mood to obey
So lead me astray by the way, now

Where'd all the good people go?
I've been changing channels
I don't see them on the TV shows
Where'd all the good people go?
We got heaps and heaps of what we sow

Sitting round feeling far away
So far away but I can feel the debris
Can you feel it?
You interrupt me from a friendly conversation
To tell me how great its all gonna be
You might notice some hesitation
'Cause it's important to you, it's not important to me
Way down by the edge of your reasons
It's beginning to show
And all I really wanna know is...

Where'd all the good people go?
I've been changing channels
I don't see them on the TV shows
Where'd all the good people go?
We got heaps and heaps of what we sow

They got this and that
With a rat a tat tat
Testing one, two
Now what you gonna do?
Bad news, misused, give me some truth
You got too much to lose
Whose side are we on today, anyway?
OK, whatever you say.
Wrong and resolute but in the mood to obey
Station to station desensitizing the nation
Going, going, gone.

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good people,good song! | Reviewer: whats it mean to u? | 9/29/13

Love this song,its stuck in my head..
And all I really wanna know is..where'd all the good people gooo? This is like my fave song :P
And @Lilakstar ,great parody!!and it makes perfect sense too!

Sigh... + :) | Reviewer: Lilakstar | 6/22/12

Why is it whenever I look up lyrics for things (Especially 'Human' by The Killers) there's always arguements going on? I just want to scream: Music means different things to different people! If you think a gramtical errors important, then you think a grammitical errors important, end of story. If a song reminds you of something, it reminds you of something, end of story. If you don't like idolism, you don't like idolism, END OF STORY! Phew... I'm out of breath now... (Ps, not saying you can't discuss your feelings. But why do people always end up fighting, no matter what...?)

Anyway, I really like this song! It's so catchy it's been in my head for days! :D And great lyrics, too. I say:

Where'd all the good music go?
I've been changing stations, I don't hear it on the radio!
Where'd all the good music go?
We got heaps and heaps of beep-box shows,
But where'd all the good music go?

good people good music:) | Reviewer: mario pathaw | 12/21/10

this song reminds me of my friends!!! i miss them...hummm where'd all my good people go??..his songs are so unique...its in another world of music, a world where music is music not noise!! where'd all the good music go?

Great song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/13/10

this is such a great song.. I dont balive jack johnson has one crummy song. He is a great artest

and hey!!!!!!
man that thinks he is crist
Telling every one these things you balive are right... They are very wrong
now i love my god.. He is my rock and he has put just a whole lot of amazing people and things in my life

but you godda understand friend.. These people
saved or not.. They arnt calling him god
is it wrong if i say i know someone who is a guitar god??
Am i calling him my god do i pray to this man
does he give me everything i ask for??
No i dont think soo

soo i like where your head is for tge most part
but use people.. Gods people.. We are known to much on telling other people to do right things and not fallowing them
thats why some people dont balive in him
cause of us.. So id like it if you think

Defending the Hearts. | Reviewer: Samaira | 7/31/09

I agree "take a chill pill man".... this guy comes on here presuming that people are idolizing Jack Johnson when people are merely praising his music, appreciating the fact that we are not so alone in the world. As for a forum for heart to hearts, or lyrics? Who are you to decide, are there rules and regulations? And if there were, are you one that created them, and are forced to enforce them? The world is about diversity, differences, and a tolerance to those differences. Those who are not tolerant, are quite obviously lonely, prejudiced, and very sad for taking the time to read the heart-felt sharing and then dismissing it as if it doesn't matter.
Reviews are opinions, and come in many shapes and forms. Open your eyes and realize that musics IS something to connect people and bring them together. Music is something to be praised, and loved... and I know many people who would prefer a song they can relate to then a Bible written by men just like you, expecting people to conform and be one thing or another... when people are as conflicted as can be.

take a chill pill man | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/21/09

maybe you just don't respect music the point of a song is to touch people and bring them together and if you don't like it then you don't have to be here learn some culture or something...i'm 14 and i can understand that your probably a 45 year old loser on a dead end road anyways. =[

=D | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/26/09

Jack Johnson is pretty good and everything but you twats talk about him like he's god... he's not. My god, yeah it's a good song and everything and I like it but you've all wrecked by reminicing about it like : "Oh this song reminds me of..." no one cares. Why do you people feel the need to share your life with complete strangers. This is a lyrics website, not a heart to heart one. Sort it out.

Music for sharing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/9/09

I've been teaching my 10 year old nephew how to play the guitar. His song book had really lame songs that neither of us liked. I decided to give him other songs, including Good People. To my surprise, it became his favorite song. He's downloaded it for all of his friends. At my nephew's birthday party at a bowling alley, we requested that they play this song (in part to show off my nephew's acoustic prowess). I was even more surprised to be surrounded by a bunch of 4 foot nothings screaming "where'd all the good people go?". It was awesome. Good music is for everyone.

Really Good Song for more than Good People | Reviewer: Christian | 2/12/09

WOW!!! this song really reminds me when i was in a bus during a 6 hours travel. I heard this song twice and i really like it!!! It was night and the bus was in the middle of nothing in Costa Rica and "Where’d all the good people go?"... I identificate with this song because i was Sitting around feeling far away :) I love this SONG! A really good moment, with a good song and in middle of the Good People of Costa Rica :D Pura Vida Ticos

Smiles | Reviewer: Anthony Smith | 10/13/08

This was the first Jack Johnson song I heard. I was working late night as a waiter and was having a bad night due to the joke tips and extremely rude crowd I had to deal with that night. The restaurant was closed but they were still playing music as always while we cleaned up. That song came on and made me smile even after how crappy I was feeling That night while the lyrics were still fresh in my head I looked up the artist and found it to be of course Jack Johnson. Since then I've bought all his CD's and fell in love with his music and other artists connected to him. ( G-love, Matt Costa, Ben Harper, Neil Halstead, Mason Jennings, etc. etc. ) Thank you Jack Johnson for all your inspirational music

"Meanings" | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/5/08

I think this song is about that is going on TV's all around the world, specially about reality shows and talk shows: exploitation of people's feelings, gossip...;and we sit in front of TV seing all this trash in stead of living our own life or do sometinhg good, perhaps?

The World | Reviewer: Terre | 8/5/08

I believe he's talking about the entirety of the world. everyone wants money. its not about where everyone lives. how can one choose sides on a world thats round. like, we should just all get together.

good people lyrics | Reviewer: megan | 6/21/07

Ive always loved jack johnson and his music. this song especially. i never really knew the lyrics, just the chorus. when i finally looked at them on this website, i loved the song even more. it is very true, there are very little good people in this world. for instince, on the news, the majority of subjects are about bad people doing bad things. it makes you wonder, where'd all the good people go? i agree with pk; one of the best songs ever made!

About Good People | Reviewer: Pk | 6/5/07

Jack has yet again created something beautiful. Something that you know is the sound of beauty.

Although I related this song to a bad relationship I had, I put it behind me - all I relate this song to now is the sound of beauty.
By far, one of the best songs ever made.

jacks #1 Fan | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/30/05

I think that this is the best song on his new album. He is by far the greatest signer/musician/surfer ever and not only has he already created two amazing albums(On and On + Brushfire Fairytales) but his new album (In Between Dreams) which includes this song is the icing on the cake. Jack has successfully created a hatrick and we should all take our hat off to him for creating such great music for us to listen to.