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Blackberry Smoke Good One Comin' On Lyrics

Last updated: 08/21/2012 06:28:57 PM

Two six packs of Shiner
99 cent butane lighter
Lucky Strikes and a fifth of Patron
ice down that Igloo cooler
tank of gas that oughta do er’
I can feel a good one comin’on

Throw in Ray Wylie Hubbard
sing along to “Redneck Mother”
any blues I had before are gone
another workin’ week is over
no chance of stayin’ sober
I can feel a good one comin’ on

Yea we’re gonna roll all night
we’re gonna get the feelin’ right
we’re gonna keep this party rockin’
till the break of dawn
I can feel a good one comin’ on

Three blondes in a rag top Mustang
followed us down to the lake and…
didn’t have to think about that too long
skinny dippin’ in the bright moonlight
situation couldn’t be more right
I can feel a good one comin’ on