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Collective Soul Good Morning After All Lyrics

Last updated: 01/07/2008 10:00:00 AM

Yeah you give up some days
When the tears they must flow
But God is always your strength

The only strength that you know
Now everything starts to fall in place

As you wake just to crawl
Still you say good morning after all
Yeah you stand just to fall
Still you say good morning after all

Yeah you questioned this life
Sure you wondered about love
But you swear there's always hope
Always hope from above
Now everything starts to fall into place


It's just another breath
It's just another breath you say
It's just another step
It's just another step today


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Sweet rock 'n roll | Reviewer: Ross Mehan | 1/4/2008

Terrific collective Soul--these guys have it all--great lyrics, great vocals, great guitar effects, great riffs, great production. And I'm not even a hardcore CS fan!