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The Gadjits Good Love Lyrics

Last updated: 12/17/2002 10:12:53 PM

Well yesterday I thought that we could be together forever
but today I know that it's gonna be stormy weather
Told me to pack up my bags and get the hell outta town
I'm lost in indecision, and I'm wearin' a big frown

Did you ever know that I love you
Did you ever know that I do
Did you ever know that I miss you
and I can't get over you
and I know that's no excuse for good love

I used to bitch a lot, cause I could only see you on Sundays
But I'm so alone, and I can't even see you one day
I miss your soft lips and your dark, thick hair
Well I've heard it all before and I know that life's not fair.

Speak to me, B!