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Sparkle Good Life (in album told you so) Lyrics

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Yo Spark, put up the Bentley
I'm rollin' witchu
No way, uh , no way, uh huh
Gimmie that good life
Oh, oh, talk about

All of my clothes are tailor-made
And yes, I got a house right off the lake
You know I be spending every day
Don't matter cuz all my bills are paid

Drop top Bentley, Gucci shades
Gamblin in Vegas for a day
Yes brothers, I do until my day
And sistas can't fade me cuz I'm made, see

1 - I'm livin' the good life
I'm partying every night
I'm watchin' the Cristall flow
VIP and that's all I know

Just living that good life
Still partying every night
Still watchin' the Cristall flow
VIP and that's all I know

Private jet to Amsterdam
Thirteen carets on my hands
Wall Street says I'm doin' fine
Drop cash for our countryside

Payin' chauffeurs, butlers, maids
Runnin' up spa bills everyday
Country clibbin' with rich friends
Tomorrow I'll do it all again
You see

Repeat 1

2 - All my sista's stackin' dough
All my sista's with that flow
All my ladies workin' hard
I know you're livin' that good life

Repeat 2

3 - Uh uh uh good life
Uh uh uh that's right
Uh uh uh good life
Uh uh uh I'm livin' that

Repeat 3

Repeat 1 until fade

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