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Billy Currington Good Directions Lyrics

Last updated: 01/29/2012 10:00:00 AM

I was sittin' there sellin' turnips on a flatbed truck
Crunchin' on a pork rind when she pulled up
She had to be thinkin' "This is where Rednecks come from"
She had Hollywood written on her license plate
She was lost and lookin' for the interstate
Needin' directions and I was the man for the job

I told her way up yonder past the caution light
There's a little country store with an old Coke sign
You gotta stop in and ask Miss Bell for some of her sweet tea
Then a left will take you to the interstate
But a right will bring you right back here to me

I was sittin' there thinkin' 'bout her pretty face
Kickin' myself for not catchin' her name
I threw my hat and thought, "You fool, that could've been love"
I knew my old Ford couldn't run her down
She probably didn't like me anyhow
So I watched her disappear in a cloud of dust.

I told her way up yonder past the caution light
There's a little country store with an old Coke sign
You gotta stop in and ask Miss Bell for some of her sweet tea
Then a left will take you to the interstate
But a right will bring you right back here to me

Is this Georgia heat playin' tricks on me
Or am I really seein' what I think I see
The woman of my dreams comin' back to me

She went way up yonder past the caution light
Don't know why, but somethin' felt right
When she stopped in and asked Miss Bell for some of her sweet tea
Mama gave her a big 'ol glass and sent her right back here to me

Thank God for good directions:and turnip greens

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Lyrics are not by Billy Currington as advertised | Reviewer: Jessie | 1/25/12

One of my favorite country songs, however, the lyrics are not by Billy Currington. The lyrics were written by Luke Bryan and Rachel _____. Luke later recorded the song too. Love my Luke!!!

Best Song Ever! | Reviewer: Teresa | 4/1/09

I can't wait to see Billy Currington At Viejas On April 9th! He is Too Fine! I want to run my fingers through his soft curly hair!
Ow! I love all his songs! He also has pretty eyes!

The Best Ever | Reviewer: Emily Haston | 8/7/08

This is one of those songs that you can have in your head forever, and never realise it until some stranger next to you on the plane says, "Can you stop singing? I'm trying to sleep." I love your music Billy, keep singing.

Can't get it out of head... | Reviewer: Randy Payne | 11/30/07

Heard it once and can't stop singing it. I don't like turnips but the song is great. Billy have you got a song about carots or green beans, I know ya gotta have something about green beans. Any way thanks this is a very good one.

From the same town as the writer | Reviewer: Gregg | 11/24/07

Luke Bryan wrote this song, check out, "We rode in trucks" and "All my Friends Say". This is definitely my favorite Luke Bryan song although his version didn't make the radio. These songs are so true to the small town I lve in and they remind me of home while I'm off at college.

amazed | Reviewer: ashh:) | 11/17/07

this song has so much meanin to me. i mean exactly, i had this crush on this boy and like i thought he was too good for me until i sorda gave him the hint that i liked him and he came runnin to me. just like the girl in this song. i love it:) i love your musickeep up the good work Billy!!!

My first, "Our Song" | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/8/07

This is a really cute song but you would never think of it being an our song but it is. There was a guy that was crushin on me for like a year and right towards the end just before he moved on he called this our song even though we were never together, he was ridin in my car when this song played and I guess it meant somethin to him. Now ever since he said that I can't hear this song without thinkin of him.

Great Song | Reviewer: Goosey Brown | 10/30/07

This is an all around great song with a tune and beat that doesn't get old no matter how many times you hear it. Love the lyrics, but the music is even better. Honk Honk.

so HOT !!! | Reviewer: Z Z | 10/25/07

I'm just a girl from SC....but we have pork rinds, sweet tea and turnip greens....and really Hot guys just like Billy...
we LOVE YA'LL!!!!!!!!
you're Too Hot!!!!
and, Billy, love the tune, turns us on!!!
-----ZZ babe

Great song | Reviewer: Freddie McBride | 10/12/07

The first time I heard it I loved it. The song doesn't say who Miss Bell is until the end when he says "mama gave her a big 'ol glass" really kicks. Great song.

i love it too | Reviewer: chris edwards | 9/27/07

sup im chris and i am from georgia i am a redneck from heck and i love sweet tea its the best stuff to have with fried chicken

well | Reviewer: Tim Stringer | 9/20/07

Well then you have never been to Kentucky obviously....... great song but even tho he says ga in the song its definately a Kentucky thing..shhhh dont tell everyone we cant keep them out now..

Great Song To Dance To | Reviewer: Donna Landry | 9/5/07

The first time I heard this song I wanted to dance to it. What a great song to two step to. This song brings a warm happy feeling to me everytime I hear it. Billy does a GREAT job with this song. LOVE IT!

it made my day | Reviewer: patrice cato | 8/25/07

we were painting at my grandma's house with the radio on. the song came on and my son was singing it. all i remember is the interstate and the sweet tea. now i cannot get it out of my head. it made it such a good day because my son listens to rap music. i found then that he listens to other music as well and is made it such a good day that i am still on line trying to hear the whole song

<3 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/22/07

never had sweet tea?

you can get sweet tea from pretty much any gas station.

well, i love this song =)