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Amber Pacific Gone So Young Lyrics

Last updated: 07/24/2013 06:36:12 PM

I never dreamt it'd be this way
I've lost any chance for me to say
To say that I miss you, say that I love you
Will someone please tell me I'm okay

I wasn't prepared for what's to come
A life made of memories gone so young
And now I'm regretting all I've done
But in your heart know that I'm with you all along

Wherever you go, I will be waiting
Whenever you call, I will be there
Whatever it takes, I'll make your darkest days so bright
I'm in your heart tonight

I never thought that this could go
And take me away from all I know
And leave me to think I'm on my own
But your love will take me, you were the one...

...Who sat through nights
You held me tight
And made sure I'm okay
And I thank you for the love you gave to me

Wherever you go, I will be waiting
Whenever you call, I will be there
Whatever it takes, I'll make your darkest days so bright
I'm in your heart tonight...


Wherever you go, I will be waiting
Whenever you call, I will be there
Whatever it takes, I'll make your darkest days so bright
Wherever you go, I will be waiting
Whenever you call, I will be there
Whatever it takes, I'll make your darkest days so bright
And if I should fall, I know you're waiting
And if I should call, I know you're there
If ever you cry just know
I'm in your heart tonight...
I'm in your heart tonight.

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crush | Reviewer: annemie | 7/24/13

when i hear this song, i feel inlove , happy and so on, because when i was in 3rd year high school.. In our room i have a crush his name is xyrus he likes screamo and metallic,
i hate him -.- but when the time his my seatmate he sang this
song .. And i ask him 'whats that title' and he answered 'gone so young' and he request to me that if its okay to play it using phone.. And he sing also. I shocked when he look at me and say " say that i miss you, say that i love you " i smiled. Then so on.

C'Mon people! | Reviewer: Seal | 4/20/12

This song has nothing to do with relationships! It's about a friend of the band who died in a car crash while they were still in high school, just before their senior year, his name was Luke Johnson, it's pretty clear it's written about someone who died! This son is absolutely amazing and I eargasm as soon as it starts playin.

Gone So Young | Reviewer: Claudette | 5/21/11

well, this song always reminds me that i lost my special one.. He died because he committed a suicide because of me.. Whenever i hear this song i always accusing myself because he died because of my being dumb. I broke up with him because he do a big and large mistake. I caught him in a hotel with somebody. But before that i call him and ask what is he doing. he said to me that his just watching tv with his brother..So i believe in him.. after i caught him with his girl.. I broke up with him and i never listen to his explanation.. the day after that his mom call me and said he's die.. first i don't believe in him. but i saw in a tv that a man committed a suicide in a condo.. it really hurts a lot i cried all the time.. i don't know what to do.. and one day i open my yahoo and i saw a message from him before he died it said.\" i'm sorry babe for letting you go, it's just a mistake i didn't even know that girl bring me in a hotel because i drunk, but it's true i'm just watching with my brother.. then my brother's friend just go in our condo and having a party i didn't text you because the girl throw my phone i'm really sorry please come back I'LL BE WAITING YOUR CALL AT 10:00 I LOVE YOU".. i cried alot when i read it.. :( it's been a 5 years that he died.. and i still not getting married because of him.

<3 | Reviewer: libbah | 4/22/11

This song makes me cry, but it's a good thing it remninds me of one of my best friends- he passed away due to meningitus and it makes me think of him and that i promise to do all i can to make him proud of me.
I loved him, but i never told him
I hate myself daily for never saying anything but i cant do anything about it now, but fundraise and do it with a smile♥♥

miss him | Reviewer: gothic_yoj | 3/19/11

i was ones hated the noisy song like screamo and metallic, but wen i met him and b'come my boy i used to listen to it b'coz this are the songs he loves to play..hes such a bad boy but i really love him, b4 we broke up he ask me to listen with this song i used to ignore it b4 but now it is one of my favorite songs everytime i listen to this it reminds me of him how i wish hes still mine and every nyt dreamed ill be with him again lying in his arms while listening to him play this song and sang it for me.

The Right Thing To Do | Reviewer: pumsloonaLS | 3/8/11

This song perfectly reminds me of the guy I secretly had relationship w/... He's a perfect guy for me! The one I've ever dreamt I should have in my life! Everything was fine then... We were somewhere far from our hometown, enjoying each other's company, sweetly hearing each other's stories everyday, constantly reminding each other how much we do love each other and how much we badly needed each other.. We acted like everything would be there's no ending(eventhough days are running so fast then)... Everything was fine except that the relationship is forbidden... He is already married. Yes I knew that! But what kept me staying w/ him that time was the fact that I knew he loves me more than the girl he married...I know I wasn't into assumptions then coz I saw him how he cried for regrets in marrying that girl whom he got pregnant.Everybody knows he was just forced to marry the girl. But still I know I'm on the wrong track if I'll still opt to continue the relationship w/ him despite knowing that he's married.. So in my sanity, I drew the line between us... Before we went back to our hometown, I clearly stated my initiative of ending the relationship... He refused to end it! He even told me to wait for him and never get into relationship w/ anybody especially w/ my former longtime bf... He said he would do everything for me to escape his marriage... But thinking what's the right thing to do, I decided to totally end everything between us. I was insistent to do what is right, though inside me it's freaking killing me too deep!!! I did everything to get rid of his way though he's making things hard for me at times.. And until now, it's been a year passed but still he's haunting me.. awake or asleep...especially when I hear him singing his songs for me...especially when I heard him singing this song.... It just crushes my heart! Now I'm also getting married soon(w/ my former longtime bf), and yet his memories don't fail to hurt me... Maybe because he and I know we have each other in our hearts. So eventhough, we seemed to be going on our on way now we can't deny the fact that we still do love each other... But what hurts the most is that we just have to do what's right...

my princess, she's gone | Reviewer: S | 12/20/10

I was with this amazing girl, D, for one and a half years. from day 1 that i met her she blew me apart. Just the way she walked, talked and carried herself set her apart from the other girls.

i was a brazen hotheaded type of guy. she told me she was joining cheerleading and i put away my ego and joined with her. she became my girlfriend on march last year, and she was the sweetest girl i could ever ask for.

unfortunately, being the idiot i am, i took her for granted and didn't respect her. Ultimately she broke up with me. it's been 4 months and i still have trouble sleeping. i dream of her when i sleep and then never want to wake up.

D, please come back. I'll never let you down again. I still love you.

critics | Reviewer: hamatome | 12/13/10

some says that these song was for the gays as comments from you-tube. I really like the song.I play i9t several times times trough my I pod, It reminds me of my past relationship...especially with the genre of the songs..wich fits my personality some how EMO..

Regretting. . . . | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/11/10

WelL this soNg kind of reminds me of soMething aBOut my past relatioNship . . .she was perfEct and she's everything to me . . She's sweEt so loving gf. . . And i realLy love her to . . . If oNly sHE knOWs hoW much i love her . . . . She leFT ME BEcAuse i'm nOt so respoNsible bf to her . . . And now i'm reGretting alL i've doNE BEcAuse i reaLize how much she meant to me . . . I wish she wilL realize that i realLy love her and i want her bAck into my lifE beCause she means everything to me . . . . ;-(

she is gone..... | Reviewer: Melvin | 4/1/10

First of all.....I want to thank Amber Pacific making such beautiful song like this.....

Well.....I met this girl when I was in 1st year High School.....She was one of my crushes in that school.....No one knows that I have a crush on her except me.....It remains as a secret until I reach 2nd year High School.....Then, I never dreamt it'd be this way.....

While I'm in 2nd year High School.....I suddenly realized that I've fell in love with her.....I told myself that if I met her alone.....I will tell her what I feel about her.....

Many chances came, but, still i can't.....Everytime I saw her alone, I always remember what are we before.....She used to be my bestfriend.....And the first thing that comes to my mind is "If I tell her that I love her, Our deep friendship will end....."

Same thing happened when I was in 3rd year High School.....

And now that I'm heading 4th year.....I think I've lost any chance for me to say, To say that I miss her, say that I love her.....Everything.....And now I'm regretting all I've done.....I should've told her what I really feel about her.....

Now.....I'm really sad.....

only if the ambulance was faster... | Reviewer: T_T | 8/31/09

this isnt so much a song for me to remember a bf/gf relationship but more because my grampa died and he was like my best friend. some of the lyrics don't match it, but when i hear this song i think of my grampa... R.I.P. Edward Brooks 1955-2005

gone so young | Reviewer: kierzt | 8/10/09

this song is so nice and touching into my heart i felt it was like my love story.when you read the lyrics you will like to full in love with the person that you love.that type when i heard the song my heart was so in love.

totally awesome. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/27/09

this song is amazing, truly from the heart. and all you people out there, omg i can't live without her, she was my life. that's ur problem, and you need to get a life. sorry if u think i'm mean. but i once heard it said, mentoring is a shoulder to cry on, a person to listen, and a good kick in the pants when you need it. so get up and do something you love.

amf | Reviewer: death stein | 7/12/09

actually,this song is our theme song.
she said it was.
well,we kind of met awkwardly.
we were somehow what you called textmates.
but i never texted her.
after i saw her face on a website that she has an account on as well as i have.
she was my crush.
as in, ultimate crush.
i was too shy to even text her and just greet her a good morning or even jsut say hi.
and until such time that she started texting me, asking for some song lyrics that i know.
well that was the time that we texted each other for a while.
but nerver did i dare to text her first.
i was too coward for that.
and then,came january 3 of 2009.
new year just came.
i was too tired from our family trip.
i just opened my phone.
she then texted me,i texted her back.
until she asked me oh how was my lovelife.
i told her im single and that nobody came yet.
she told me the same thing that she has nobody that time.
well then i saw a slight chance but still i never dared telling her.
then she texted me.
asking me if i want her to be my girlfriend.
and i was a little bit shocked and a little bit happy as well as i was excited.
gosh my crush telling me this..?!
but of course i agreed.
then it was us. me and her, us.
we were communicating through the phone of course.
until such time that i decided to go to her.
to visit her.
and then i frequently went to her place,despite the distance.
until one day.
we just got tired of it.
and maybe fell out of love ourselves.
now we came into an instance of being just friends again.
putting the past behind and moving forward.

i'm wrong, u're not | Reviewer: v v v v v v v | 6/8/09

I came to love this song sooo much after the person i realllyy love sang me this song, we don't know each other yet tho that time, but yea, his band played this song, and he sing the very first part, and he was lookin at me when he sing those part, when he sang the to say that i miss you, say that i love you, i was really happy, it was sooo sweet, but now we kinda gone into alittle problem. i think i make him angry at me somehow, and i want him back. i sended him so many message, i can't call him, can't meet him, and so all i can do is send those message to him and he didn't reply back to me at all. i'm soo worried, and all i did is listen to this song because it remind of him, but then again, it hurt... i wish he forgive me and come back to me