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Goldfinger formed with it's original line-up in 1994. John
and Simon worked together at NaNa's shoe store in
California. They decided to form a band and needed a
drummer, so they asked Darrin who was working at the local
Starbucks, to listen to a tape they had made. The day he
heard it he was air drumming along with it all day, he
loved it! At this time, Goldfinger's original guitarist
left to the band to become a pro surfer in Costa Rica,
where he still lives. John had a good friend named Charlie
who played guitar and he More...

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Review about Goldfinger songs
shut up lisa | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song 99 Red Balloons performed by Goldfinger

Just because it's a serious song with a serious meaning doesn't mean it can't be fun dipshit, stop blowing stuff out of proportion. On top of that, don't listen to punk rock if you want clean, fake, studio-produced lyrics. I for one think this song is great, better than the original, and better than anything good charlotte could ever dream of doing; and despite the fact that john feldmann isn't the world's greatest singer, i still love the way his voice sounds in this: uncompromising and real.

"It's just a fun song!" | Reviewer: Lisa
    ------ About the song 99 Red Balloons performed by Goldfinger

What are you talking about, "it's a fun song!"? It's a protest song about the Cold War, an anti-war song. You shouldn't solely judge a song on its sound; its lyrics and its messages are just as important, if not more important.

Anyways, I think it's a good song, but the vocals are... less than exemplary. It sounds like he's choking it out... it's too breathy or something. Anyways, it's a great song, but if the vocals were touched up a bit, then it would sound better. Great band and great song! All their albums rule!

Good Charlotte does it better | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song 99 Red Balloons performed by Goldfinger

i like the Good Charlotte version better, it sounds almost identical but the vocals are more on pitch. i love this song though, it reminds me of my cousin who used to sing it all the time =] it's just a fun song! i wish i could sing the German part! haha!

good song | Reviewer: chris
    ------ About the song Free Me performed by Goldfinger

this is a good song. it's a pretty song. the lyrics are a little close-minded, and the chord progression nothing but repetitive, but the melody is nice. i'm learning it for a vegetarian friend of mine who'd appreciate it. as for eating meat... incisors are for eating meat. so i'm flabbergasted as to why we have them. i don't like pork. beef is good. kangaroo tastes REALLY good. i think it's because they're so cute.

vegetarianism is CRUEL to animals. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Free Me performed by Goldfinger

When you eat cheese, milk, YOU ARE CRUEL, to animals.
the entire cheese/milk industry results in baby calfs being stored in tiny pens, which they can not turn around in, in the dark, to keep the meat "tender".
if your a vegetarian, your just as bad as the meat eaters!
go vegan, and love animals!!!

uhh | Reviewer: musicfeen09
    ------ About the song Too Many Nights performed by Goldfinger

its not
"thunderclouds start to fly" its "start a fight".. creating thunder. its not "alone in backhills" its "rolling like hills".. it could be refering to the thunder again. nd its not "miles and minutes" its "miles are minutes" he's comparing time to where he goes kinda like "days are my cities" do you guy actually listen to this stuff or do you jus guess..?

Hard to Swallow | Reviewer: Cheyenne
    ------ About the song Free Me performed by Goldfinger

This strengthens my vegetarianism and I listen to it and have memorized the lyrics. I sing it out loud every time. I plan on sending the link to friends and seeing what happens and if they will see the truth behind it.
The whole "what the hell do you want from me" line has to be the most heartbreaking because they can't speak and don't know what we want from them or what they have to do to make things better.
This guy gives them a voice. I am grateful.

awww | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Free Me performed by Goldfinger

i love this song so much i wish every sick meat eateing fucker would listen to it and realize they r nasty cannibals. if god wanted us to eat meat he wouldnt have given it to us in a living form because eating an animal is murder. plus the animals r treated so fucking bad it makes me cry. i am proud to be a vegetarion and i hope to make a difference someday

Free me | Reviewer: Laura
    ------ About the song Free Me performed by Goldfinger

This song makes me cry every time I hear it. it just makes me wanna spit in the face of these people. im a vegetarian, and im telling every body my opinion so at least they get to realise what their doing.
cause we all now that its wrong. go vegetarian! if u dont do it for yourself, do it for the animals! because if we think we are an intelligent race... wtf are we doing?

I <3 this song | Reviewer: Tiffany
    ------ About the song Free Me performed by Goldfinger

It opens alot of peoples eyes to how these animals are treated! ive been an animal rights activist and a vegetarian for 4 years and im thinking of going vegan... its healthier and nicer to animals...i love animals and i dont think ANYTHING should be treated like this...this song is so beautiful for the words AND music <333

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