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It all started in 1961 when bassist Rinus Gerritsen and
guitarist/vocalist George Kooymans formed the Golden
Earrings, in the Hague, Netherlands. After their original
bandmates guitarist Hans Van Herwerden and drummer Fred Van
Der Hilst were replaced by guitarist Peter De Ronde,
drummer Jaap Eggermont, and vocalist Frans Krassenburg, the
Golden Earrings had their first big hit, Please Go, in
1965. Not too long thereafter De Ronde left the band and
Krassenburg was replaced by vocalist Barry Hay. In 1968
came the group's second big More...

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Review about Golden Earring songs
exelent song | Reviewer: Bo van Vliet
    ------ About the song What Do I Know About Love performed by Golden Earring

gisteren voor het eerst Life gehoord en gezien: fantastische song. zeer goed en professioneel gebracht.
the boys are still in good shape!!!!
buy the new album, it keeps them going till dead us do part!!!!!

Maybe "clone" but no D | Reviewer: David
    ------ About the song Twilight Zone performed by Golden Earring

I have to learn to sing this, so I've been listening to this on expensive studio monitors and my Sennheiser HD 515 headphones, and using an EQ to remove the low end to hear the vocals better. I hear "clone" without the d. It's not blown, even though that high make more sense than clone, which doesn't make any sense at all. But clones were popular in the early 80s. It could also be "flown", "home" or a number of other words, but I don't hear a "B" at the beginning. Some of it is his accent and the fact that they are not native English speakers. Dropping the endings of words if common when singing.

But, let's take a trip to the band's website. They have the lyrics as:
"the place is a madhouse, feels like being cloned"

So there you have it. It's "cloned".

cloned does make since | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Twilight Zone performed by Golden Earring

feels like being cloned expresses the feeling that, in the mob, you are not special, and your connection can easily replace you with someone else doing the exact same thing... in other words you are expendable... its about finding out that they weren't really your friends after all

brent is correct | Reviewer: chris
    ------ About the song Twilight Zone performed by Golden Earring

I was there when it came out also, we said "cloned" back in high school...anyways I watched some live vids of em doin the song, their mouths don't close after the 'like being' but it does on "BEING" so its impossible for it to be 'blown' you have to close your lips to make the B soung. Just read their lips...Ive heard the 'ed' at the end anyways since it came out, they dont say 'blowed' so it must be 'cloned' ;) Just read their lips ppl, it aint hard.

Go to college, Brent, learn English | Reviewer: Zettel
    ------ About the song Twilight Zone performed by Golden Earring

Never let grammar or the facts of grammar & meaning get in the way of your childish need to be "right", eh? This is a non-English band. I've seen them and heard them; I was there when the song first came out back in the 80''s "blown". That anyone still thinks it's "cloned" is funny beyond belief. As for the web site reference...that doesn't change the lyrics; it just means some non English speaking person made a mistake or, what's more likely given the nature of the error, is just pulling your leg. Ever hear of a sense of mischievous sense humor? Jesus, you people are dumb. Dumb. Dumb as stone.

blown vs cloned | Reviewer: charles
    ------ About the song Twilight Zone performed by Golden Earring

I felt like "blown" fit the theme of the song, inthe sense that the song is about someone undercover whose cover has been blown. "Cloned" didn't seem to make any sense. But,"feels like being cloned" comes from the lyrics on the band's own website. Hard to argue with that.

"feels like being cloned" is the ACTUAL lyric | Reviewer: brent
    ------ About the song Twilight Zone performed by Golden Earring

couldnt edit the lyrics so i had to rant here..."feels like being blown"...??? really?!?! the music video on is DEFINATELY "cloned"....u will see in the video where there are a buch of "HIM" in the audience when hes on the stage singing...if u still think its "blown" then go kill yourself!

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