Golden Earring Albums

  • Tits 'n Ass Album (5/11/2012)
    Little Time Bomb
    Cool As It Gets
    Acrobats And Clowns
    What Do I Know About Love
    Still Got The Keys To My First Cadillac
    Dope Runner
    This Love
    Over The Cliff Into The Deep Deep Blue
    Flowers In The Mud
    Justin Time
    Avenue Of Broken Dreams
    Wanted By Women

  • Millbrook U.S.A. Album (2/1/2003)
    The Hammer Of Love
    Albino Moon
    Skyscraper Hell Of A Town
    A Sound I Never Heard
    You're Better Off Dead
    On A Night Like You
    Comin' In, Goin' Out
    The Thief
    Beautiful Blue
    Love Is A Loser (When Lust Comes Around)
    The Last Frontier Hotel

  • The Devil Made Us Do It Album (10/23/2000)
    Please Go
    That Day
    If You Leave Me
    Daddy Buy Me A Girl
    Don't Run Too Far
    In My House
    Sound Of The Screaming Day
    Together We Live, Together We Love
    I've Just Lost Somebody
    Just A Little Bit Of Peace In My Heart
    Where Will I Be
    Another 45 Miles
    Back Home
    Holy Holy Life
    She Flies On Strange Wings
    Buddy Joe
    Stand By Me
    Radar Love
    Instant Poetry
    Kill Me (Ce Soir)
    Movin' Down Life
    Weekend Love
    I Do Rock 'N Roll
    Long Blond Animal
    Twilight Zone
    The Devil Made Me Do It
    When The Lady Smiles
    Clear Night, Moonlight
    Quiet Eyes
    My Killer, My Shadow
    Turn The World Around
    Going To The Run
    Hold Me Now
    Burning Stuntman
    Paradise In Distress
    Yes! We're On Fire

  • Paradise in Distress Album (4/12/1999)
    Paradise in Distress
    Evil Love Chain
    Take My Hand-close My Eyes
    The Fighter
    One Night Without You
    Whisper in a Crowd
    Deja Voodoo
    Bad News to Fall in Love (With a Mean Motherfucker)
    42nd Street
    Fluid Conduction
    Desperately Trying to Be Different
    Gambler's Blues

  • Naked II Album (11/9/1997)
  • Love Sweat Album (6/1/1995)
  • Face It Album (6/1/1994)
  • The Naked Truth Album (11/10/1992)
  • Bloody Buccaneers Album (4/19/1991)
  • Keeper of the Flame Album (2/1/1989)
  • The Hole Album (2/1/1986)
  • Something Heavy Going Down Album (2/1/1984)
  • N.E.W.S. Album (2/1/1984)
  • Cut Album (2/1/1982)
  • 2nd Live Album (2/1/1981)
  • Prisoner of the Night Album (2/1/1980)
  • No Promises... No Debts Album (7/1/1979)
  • Grab It for a Second Album (2/1/1978)
  • Golden Earring Live Album (6/1/1977)
  • Contraband Album (2/1/1976)
  • To the Hilt Album (8/1/1975)
  • Switch Album (4/1/1975)
  • Moontan Album (7/1/1973)
  • Together Album (2/1/1972)
  • Seven Tears Album (2/1/1971)
  • Golden Earring Album (2/1/1970)
  • Eight Miles High Album (2/1/1970)
  • On The Double Album (6/1/1968)
  • Miracle Mirror Album (2/1/1968)
  • Winter Harvest Album (2/1/1967)
  • Just Earring Album (2/1/1965)

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    Reviews about Golden Earring albums

    Moontan - great album | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album Moontan performed by Golden Earring

    Terrific album, either US or Euro import. I have a
    very slight preference for the US sequence, but it
    has fewer songs than the Euro edition, which has a
    more provocative cover. Get this album - either
    edition, and listen to it from beginning to end
    through headphones. Great stuff.

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