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Celtic Thunder Gold & Silver Days Lyrics

Last updated: 07/02/2011 12:00:00 PM

As I'm sitting here in the fireside
I'm turning back the years.
I can hear my mother singing in the morning
As she scrubbed our shining faces
And then packed us off to school.
All too soon those days were over without warning.

Sing me the songs of our gold and silver days,
Days filled with innocence and light.
Not a penny to our name,
We were happy just the same
In our gold and silver days.

In the parlour on a Friday night,
My father took the floor.
I can hear us join together in the chorus,
Singing "Just a Song at Twilight"
Or "The Moon Behind the Hill".
Now those voices are all silent, gone before us.


Then we gathered at the Daisy Field on Sunday after Mass,
I can hear the songs, the stories, and the laughter
Through the years we all were scattered,
but the friends we made back then
were the friends we could rely on everafter.