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It was don delillo, whiskey neat,
And a blinking midnight clock
Speakers on a tv stand, just a turntable to watch
When the smoke came out our mouths
On all those hooded sweatshirt walks
You were a stroke of luck
We were a goldmine and they gutted us

And from the sidelines
You see me run
Until I'm out of breath
Living the good life
I left for dead
The sorrowful midwest
Well I did my best
To keep my head

It was grass stained jeans and incompletes
And a girl from class to touch
But you think about yourself too much
And you ruin who you love
Well all these claims at consciousness
My stray dog freedom
Let's have a nice clean cut
Like a bag we buy and divvy up

And from the sidelines
I see you run
Until you're out of breath.
And all those white lines that sped us up
We hurry to our death
Well I lagged behind
So you got ahead

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friends | Reviewer: Gemma | 7/11/11

See, I don't see the song as about a romantic relationship, but about a past friend, from the speaker's adolescence perhaps. They did drugs together, and were just very close, and had a lot of potential simply via their youth ("we were a goldmine"), but were just broken down by their existences and the people around them ("they gutted us"). By the drugs, too, maybe. "I lagged behind"- the speaker wasn't as eager as his friend, to go higher and approach death. The friend died, it seems to me. Sad. Doesn't have to happen. As a young woman in a similar lifestyle now, I can kind of relate to all that.

hmm... | Reviewer: fan of conors lyrics | 1/31/10

yes you're right, below me. different people interpret it differently. I don't believe his songs or lyrics are about only one thing, i believe they are about many different experiences he's had in his life, that he feels all at once and puts to paper. so beautifully as he does. may have drug undertones, may just be messing with us :P in any case, he is a genuis, i don't know how he does it....

mmmm | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/2/09

or you coulcd think about "lagged behind so you got ahead" as him being real into the drugs and she was moving on with her life so she got away ( in a positive way)... but i dont know ...he's a genuis cause the double meanings he uses in his songs cause your own experiences to create how you interpret them

:3 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/8/09

I love how the lyrics just fit the emotion of the music.
Conor is a lyrical genious that's for sure.
I've been listening to him now for over a year straight,
and basically haven't listened to anything else.
Everything else just doesn't seem good to me anymore since I've heard his music.

Odd :p

come on | Reviewer: j | 7/22/09

You can't let how the song makes you feel influence what you think the lyrics mean. It is about a couple that spend a lot of time doing drugs and that's really all the relationship had. "Only smoke came out our mouths on all those hooded sweatshirt walks". What started with whiskey and pot but it got sped up by all those white lines (coke). One person in the relationship wasn't interested in speeding up so he/she lagged behined (they seperated, the other person died or both). If you don't listen to the lyrics and try to figure what they mean why listen to conor, or music with lyrics at all? His lyrics are what make him a genius.

My Interpretation | Reviewer: michael | 7/15/09

I just say it how it makes me feel. My own experience leads me to hear it as I would have meant to write it. That being said I think that this song is about wanting to be with someone but sabotaging the budding relationship unconsciously for fear of its intensity/implications.

I don't know | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/11/09

I'm not saying that I'm right, just putting in my two cents. When I listened to this song I got that it was about him being in a relationship with someone, and they do lots of drugs together. In the song, he talks about maybe experiences they had or what they usually did together, many of the metaphors are probably personal so they probably aren't easy to understand. And I thought it sounded like the girl was really deep into drugs, while he was more laid back about it.

And all those white lines that sped us up
We hurried to our death
Well I lagged behind...
So you got ahead'

and that sounds like he stopped doing as much drugs, and she didnt, and possible overdosed and died.

so pretty much the song sounds like it is about him being in a relationship with a girl who eventually dies. how sad.

Iunno | Reviewer: Chloe | 5/17/09

Personally, this song isnt about the drugs for me. Sure, all the references are there but it just seems to be a lot more about love than drugs.
I suppose that everyone interprets it a certain way, finds different meanings in Connor's words but for me, its all about the love.

Regardless of what its about though, its a beautifully written song

Whatever | Reviewer: Alice | 4/14/09

its about a guy who was in love but everyone wanted to ruin their love and so he got so depressed he started using drugs instead of holding on and never giving up on her and their love. so he lost her hence the "well i lagged behind, so you got ahead."

Please | Reviewer: Chad | 3/10/09

The drugs may be apparent in the song but It has more to do with his lonliness than the drugs. The drugs form a metaphor for the emptiness he feels now and the easy, almost cheap happiness he once felt.

He sees the beauty in a love tangled with illicit substances that left their love gutted of all it's worth.

The whole thing about drugs being expensive and weed smoke is superfluous.

The whole thing about weed and drugs being expensive in previous posts is superfolous.

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