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Kenny Rogers Going back to Alabama Lyrics

Last updated: 08/16/2007 11:00:00 AM

Going back to Alabama.

Going back to Alabama
Now that I’ve learned the thing too
Life with me ain’t been so easy
But I’ve got some living yet to do.

‘Cos a man who walks by the side of the road
can turn himself around
he can pick himself fast, just himself fast
and start all over again, my friend.

Some days I didn’t wanna wake up in the morning
My family and friends were all down on me
I tried to tell ‘em where I was going
But they never saw the man I saw in me.

Some folks called me a dreamer
Other folks left and called me a fool
All I ever wanted to be was a winner
‘cos I know a winner can never lose.

‘Cos a man who walks …

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as i recall the song is a littel different | Reviewer: mary | 8/16/2007

cos a man who lies bye the side off the road can pick him self up dust him self off and start all over again my friend

thank u i loved this song as a child and sung it all the time

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