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One day... Some day..

This life *not* like you wanted it.
His eyes I can see again, I need you here.
In your mind nobody's listening.
It's alright not to feel again,
Just breath again...

Time after time I walk the fine line,
But something keeps bringing me back.
Time after time I'm going in blind,
I don't know which way I need to go...

Feels like your world is caving in
And I cry, failing to understand,
I wish I can...
It's alright if you're missing him,
In his eyes you can live again,
Free within!

Time after time I walk the fine line,
But something keeps bringing me back.
Time after time I'm going in blind,
I don't know which way I need to go!

Time after time I walk the fine line,
But something keeps bringing me back.
Time after time I can't see the signs,
I don't know which way I need to go!
Do all these roads lead me back to you...
I don't know which way I need to go.
one day? Some day!

Time after time I walk the fine line,
But something keeps bringing me back.
Time after time I'm going in blind,
I don't know WHICH way I need to go!

Time after time I walk the fine line,
But something keeps bringing me back.
Time after time I can't see the signs
do all these roads *lead* me back to you,
One day....

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Why Buddha never "shows himself" | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/10/12

Buddha does not "show himself" because Buddha was not a god, nor did he ever claim to be. He was a man who became enlightened and found the way to eliminate suffering. I am not saying you should believe in him or his teachings, just know that Buddha was not/is not a god.

Buddhism and Christianity are alike?... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/18/11

I dont try to inflict my beliefs either, but I also cannot deny that the God of Christianity is true and living. I used to be atheist when i was 15, then I had a powerful encounter with God (no, I wasn't on drugs) that absolutely changed my life. He filled me with his Spirit and changed me from the inside out.
So I don't pray to get to heaven, i already know im going there, and I don't pray just for help, I speak to Him because He (Jesus) is real, and talk to Him like a best friend, because He is. I guess you can call that praying. So I couldn't say it is like Buddhism, because Buddha never showed himself real to me.

are you sure | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/28/10

uhm first off Buddhism and Christianity are alike in only that they are both religions
buddhists meditating and christians praying are no way alike or for the same cause
christians pray in order to be accepted into gods kingdom or to ask god for some help (correct me if im wrong as i am irreligious and claim no certain one as that i believe they are all nothing but a bunch of stories) buddhists meditate in order to reach enlightenment
which is far from similar to praying because the point of enlightenment is to stop the cycle of reincarnation and become one with the earthly deity and thus to stop living
why do christians pray .... to be acccepted into heaven and live eternally in gods kingdom
i do not claim any religion for the mere fact that all it does is cause wars and disagreements and i believe that science and laws of biology explain the reason everything is the way it is
but im not one to inflict my beliefs upon anyone else so if you dont like my comment then forget about it

Tricked? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/26/10

You can insist that a horse with stripes is JUST a horse with stripes and not a Zebra. You can argue that P.O.D. is just a band who's lyrics have a lot to do with God and that they are not a Christian band. Refusing to accept something doesn't change the reality. P.O.D. IS a Christian band, and if you got to this point because you liked their music only to be disappointed by the fact that you got "duped" by some Bible thumpers who can actually play real music, than I'm sad for your soul. If you came to this page, you liked the music, it touched you. Let it. Don't turn away because something that wasn't sex or violence inspired you and made you listen. I love that they don't specifically use words like Jesus, though, that way they don't close out other religions. I personally believe that God has many names. We try to make Him so simple. There is ONE religion, there is ONE God. But God is all things to all people. Different cultures respond to different traditions but there are certain aspects of almost every religion that are similar. Wiccans cast circles, Buddhists meditate, Christians pray. Different procedures to get the same effect. A feeling of connection to the higher power that guides us. While I am a Christian because that is the religion of my family and the way I was raised, I just don't believe that God is the only name that God goes by. I pray that we can find love and understanding in the people around us. That we can accept that there CAN be more than ONE right answer. That we can Coexist.

this song helps me to continue | Reviewer: rodrigo | 2/10/10

well i dont want to talk about religion or other things cause when i listened this song for the 1st time i did not pay attention to it, but now that i have had problems with my family, i broke up with someone that i loved like hell and she did not care about my feelings and treated me like shit besides that i also have problems in my work but when i listened this song today again
i feel like if i am lost and i dont have a road to follow, the lyrics are true
"Time after time I'm going in blind,
I don't know which way I need to go"
that is happening with me
but there is something that makes me continue there is something that makes me fight against everything im broken im going insane but i have guts to fight back against all my problems i can not give up now i just cant do it there is a strenght that makes me different from the others i do not have a way, i do not have love i do not have motivation to continue but that thing that is inside me makes me stand up agian damn i do not know what it is , but there is something tru i will call him god(YAVHE, ALA WHATEVER IT IS) IT IS GOD AND IM A WARRIOR I CANT STOP NOW

obviously | Reviewer: Hugo | 1/21/10

i am in no way religious but it is very clear the thing that is pulling him back is god. in most they're songs the refer to religion and life stories. they do it in a smart way of not trying to convert people and i dont think in any way are they a christian band. religons that try to suck people in and convert are worse or just as bad as gangs like the bloods etc.

Good song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/25/09

Really great song. i don't interpret it in a religious way but still good. and btw that story with the barber has got to be one of the most ignorant and overall ridiculous thing i've ever laid eyes on.. so stupid..

P.O.D. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/13/09

P.O.D. is the greatest Christian Metal and the best Nu Metal in the world, no doubt at all!
and this song is absolutely my favorite song! u should listen to it carefully, many times if you wanna reach its depth! i believe that Going In Blind is one of the greatest Metal songs of all time!!!!!!!!!
i love you P.O.D, you are the best, you make amazing music, write amazing lyrics and spread the love throughout the world!!!!!!!!!!

God is not church | Reviewer: mondo | 5/11/09

You can't equate the church with God. Organized religion is more often evil than not. Jesus did not believe in organized religion. REmember, it was the moneychangers at the temple that made him mad. Jesus said in relation to the church, "turn over a peeble and I am there, break two sticks and you will find me".

Re:"Uh, actually, their songs ARE all about God..." | Reviewer: Robert from Poland | 12/29/08

Actually not. Maybe in some of their songs they sing about God, they say they believe in God, but also say that they aren't a religious band.
They just sing about things that are close to ppl who believe in God.

what i like in Payable.On.Death. is freedom, fantastic tone and deep meaning of their lyrics

P.O.D. is just sth what I need from time to time (all the time ;))

no answer | Reviewer: me, myself nor i | 12/23/08

Why discuss about the existence of god? It's sth ppl believe in, just like people believe in science. If you believe in god, don't try to convert others, just like scientist shouldn't convert religious people. Maybe you're the only man existing, inside a computer of some extraterrestial species. You might just be emulated, programmed with memories 10 secs ago, as an experiment of the aliens. why care?

Uh, actually, their songs ARE all about God... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/25/08

Hey, for all you guys that say all their songs arent about god, just check their myspace...it says that their a religiously fervent band that sings about god, and that all their songs are divinely influenced, thus, all of their songs are about God.

cool | Reviewer: bec | 8/24/08

I love P.O.D. there religious and sing bout life in "rock" thats really original and i think that song is really good. i can really relate to it and i once belived they sung it bout a part in my life thats gone wrong wit a guy.... *tear* lol.
but yea its really cool. ppl shoul listen to it and p.o.d. songs more offten

god is a story thats all. | Reviewer: callaway.kyle@yahoo.com | 8/3/08

so just to ask a couple CC's in here a couple questions. if god exists why is there only one documentation of his exsistance?
if he is all knowing and powerful why do the churches always need money?
and why is it that pastors are the number 1 most stereotyped rapists? there the people who interpret gods words for everyone and rape little kids... not very consecutive with the good book huh?
and why is it that for every explanation of gods presence on earth can be explained by science?
intelectuall thought processes interest me more than faith in a mythical object that cant be seen heard or touched by anyone?
any why is it that he loves you more than anything you could possibly imagine but if you dont do what he wants you to do you are cursed to live in a fiery pit of hell and be tortured for the rest of eternity? does that sound like a creation of the way churches used to have surmons called FIRE AND BRIMSTONE??? scare tactics of there church once agian not very loyal to the book of "god".
if you have any GOOD LOGICAL ANSWERS TO THIS E-MAIL ME. the song in my opinion is about a father and son, and they were seperated when the boy was just a chil and as he grows up he explains all his hardships to his father but his father cant understandwhat he's saying cause he hasn't been there and it kills him inside.
and its ok to miss him because he mises you too. thats what the songs about to me. something way more close to me than a thing i cant see feel smell or hear. i know there a cristian band but that doesnt mean every song is about god. thats like saying every person in russia is in the mob

The Truth | Reviewer: Mclaren | 7/20/08

I can relate to this song in the case that we all get lost and don't know where we are suppose to go. One thing I would like to point out is that just because we follow God doesn't mean we don't suffer.

Some people suffer all their lives while others suffer for a short time. Those same people who live in poverty, have you realise that even though they don't have anything they are still alive everyday? Isn't that amazing??? We as people just like to live for material things which pass away. I remember a story where an American pastor went to Africa and visited a church.When he saw the poverty he said to the African pastor of the church "I will pray for prosperity in your country" but the African replied " and I will pray for your poverty in spirit" meaning that these people prefer to be rich in spirit that to be rich in earthly things. They have faith beyond us while we lack faith even though we are comfortable. They have something that I want.. Total Faith in God, which is more important than where my next meal is coming from

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