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Godsmack is a Boston-based band who were simply too
undeniable to be ignored. Their self-titled major label
debut isn't a calculated, big-budget offering. In fact, it
started out as a self-released CD the band recorded in 1996
for about $2,500 with money they borrowed from a friend.
Expecting maybe to make back the costs of recording, they
peddled the disc to a local radio station WAAF embraced the
song "Keep Away" and began playing the song on hi weekly
evening program. Meanwhile, the band was performing
regularly on the Boston club More...

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Review about Godsmack songs
Spiral review | Reviewer: Doctor Sherlock Potter
    ------ About the song Spiral performed by Godsmack

To be perfectly honest, I hate pretty much all modern popular music, but for good reason. I love rock, metal, classic rock as this is the type of music I always grew up listening to which iswhy I find Godsmack appealing, however most people who have the audasity to call themselves 'artists' lack what makes Godsmack a great band. That is reason. As mentioned, most bands write songs based off of what is popular, and what is currently popular is nonsense. Godsmack writes from the soul. They have an actual reason to sing. They have a purpose, which is why I find many people completely oblivious to Godsmack's existance. Most people believe in bands that serve no purpose and who should be shamed of their very existance.

nyaw "Jessie" | Reviewer: Nyaw Aka Frankenstein
    ------ About the song Keep Away performed by Godsmack

I told you stay away from me... I understand you... I hope you find youself... "HAPPINESS. After all thats all that matters... I hope I will see you again...either now or the next life...I got nothing but love for you.... why its Fuck you that's why... ;)....

It is about Heroin and meth | Reviewer: JSin
    ------ About the song Voodoo performed by Godsmack

It is simple. I have slammed both. I have also slammed both in combination. Look at the name of the band God *smack*.

Snakebite is street for Black and white, a combination of Meth and heroin we also in So Cal referred to it as Voodoo. The reference to candles raising his desire is the black side of it. You have to flame the dope to get it to melt. As it cools you stir in the meth. When you hit it (slam, inject or otherwise put it in a vein) it is a combination of disappointing and being totally aware. A very unique set of circumstances.

NOTE: I do NOT recommend anyone try this, it is highly addictive, very dangerous and you have a very high probability of getting dead.

I have been clean over 20 years but I can totally relate to the lyric
"Never did I wanna be here again
And I don’t remember why I came "

Bad ASSS!! | Reviewer: Michelle
    ------ About the song Touche performed by Godsmack

Anonymous From 1/22/13, Shut The Fuck Up. If You Prefer Better Music then What The hell You Doing On Here Criticizing Godsmacks Lyrics For? theirs No Reason For That,Unless Your A Fat Douche!!! Touche <3

retarded lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Touche performed by Godsmack

i don't understand how shit like this becomes famous at all.. this song sucks big time just because you know how to play the guitar doesn't mean you can write any shit that pops up into your mind... the music is nice but the lyrics are retarded.. there are many other artist who play music like you and better than you so we basically don't need you... Godsmack sucks!!! officially!!!

WiccaNBeauty | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Spiral performed by Godsmack

Godsmack has a nak for capturing their religious thoughts and beliefs in their lyrics. most artists are lost on this concept and tend to go with what's popular. Its a shame because most want to be original but fear the politics that come with originality. I really enjoy listening to Godsmack, not only is their music quite calming but the lyrics, as I said before, are original and refreshing.


awesome song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Voodoo performed by Godsmack

this was the first song besides nursery rhymes that i sang.i said doodoo instead of voodoo because i was little.my mom listens to rob zombie and godsmack.i am now a HUGE KISS fan.my younger sister sang beth by KISS (not countng nursey rhymes).shelikes KISS but LOVES the jonas bros.i don't know what exactly she likes to listen to besides country singers and the above.i don't care what this song is about i like it and it is speacial to me.

One of the best meaningful songs ever!!!! | Reviewer: Kavinda
    ------ About the song Running Blind performed by Godsmack

i found this song recently & im listening to this while im typing the song atm! :) this song touches me when they say looking for anything to keep me from drowning!!!! & this one contents the best lyrics a song can get! & love the way they sing it & wish if i could sing it!!! cheerz godsmack!! (:

Awesome | Reviewer: Derek Roberts
    ------ About the song Awake performed by Godsmack

This song has been out for so many years but it makes such an impact with drums,bass,vocals,guitar...Just everything about it is powerful and moving. Love this band and I love the fans that support them.

love them | Reviewer: love you godsmack
    ------ About the song Shine Down performed by Godsmack

Godsmack is the best there is.i can feel passion in they music.lyrics are great.there is no better band then godsmack.forever respect to them.and thanks for all amazing albums you gave us.xx

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